User Manual

Menu Bar

Menu Bar contains following functions of TestingWhiz in a drop-down manner. It provides instant access to different tasks and actions along with short-cuts for seamless test project execution.

Menu Bar

1. File

Click on File menu to perform any of the following functions

  • New (Ctrl+N) – Creation of New Test Project
  • Open (Ctrl + O) – Open an existing Test Project/Script from computer
  • Open Sample – List of Sample Scripts will be displayed as shown below
File Menu → Open Sample
  • Save (Ctrl + S) – Save New Test Project with .twiz extension in default working folder
  • Save As – Rename an existing file or change a location
  • Import Test Project – Import the Test Project to an existing file
  • Import from Excel (Ctrl + I) – Import Test Script from an Excel sheet to TestingWhiz
  • Export to Excel (Ctrl + E) – Export Test Script to Excel with .xls extension
  • Compare File – Compare two Twiz files
  • Share twiz project – Share existing file via Email
  • License Information – Information regarding license of TestingWhiz will be displayed
  • Exit (Alt + F4) – Exit from TestingWhiz

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