TestingWhiz is a codeless automation testing tool that facilitates fast, accurate, and flexible automation testing. The tool offers web services testing automation solutions that help IT teams test their web services. By effectively verifying the behavior of web services connected to the applications, TestingWhiz confirms whether the applications communicate and access functions correctly from the Web.

This automated web services testing tool lets you test the process of how a particular Web Service interacts over methods and interfaces provided via a WSDL interface over HTTP. Thus, with TestingWhiz, you can accelerate the web services automation testing process to check whether the services comply with business logic and ensure they deliver the expected output at the user’s end.


Web Services Functional Testing

Web Services Functional Testing

TestingWhiz provides RESTful and SOAP web services testing automation to test whether the SOA-based applications perform the business workflow as defined by Web Services.

  • Authorization of SOAP/REST/ GraphQL response message
  • Reusable Component Check
  • Web Services Business Flow Validation
Web Services Non-Functional Testing

Web Services Non-Functional Testing

TestingWhiz, a web services test automation tool, allows you to test a collection of voluminous web services to verify its health and process of calling methods/scripts from the web and checking the resultant behavior.

  • Web Services Status Health Check
  • Web Services Security Testing – Denial-of-Service attacks, penetration, spam data, etc.
  • Web Services Compliance Testing – Data transfer standards and rules

How it work?


Improved performance and reliability of SOA applications

Reduced web services test case authoring

Supported architecture to conduct testing in parallel to the development phase

Reduced vulnerability risks

Lesser interoperability and integration issues

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