Test multiple healthcare plans with record and playback functionality

Buying journey of a healthcare insurance plan is a critical and lengthy process which involves various steps like product selection, member details, personal medical history, medical screening, quotation, policy documents, etc. Integrations with different systems make it even more complex. TestingWhiz widens your test coverage through data-driven testing that covers more test scenarios and enables testing for multiple fields of healthcare plans. The most highlighted record and playback functionality of TestingWhiz enables auto-capturing and auto-populating forms.

Verify your clinical test scores accurately

Validating important scores and reports of various clinical tests performed requires cross-layer testing. With TestingWhiz, you can perform cross-layer testing to validate scores; and clinical test reports by applying multiple checkpoints on the data value type, length, match criteria, etc.

Validate insurance policies in a short time

Policy PDF validation and comparisons can be tricky and challenging because of the nature of complexities involved in it. With Testing Whiz PDF commands, performing comparison operations, validating and comparing insurance policy PDF is a cakewalk allowing you to detect data errors and achieve PDF validation across multiple documents.

Check the nutrient profile data for healthcare products

Manual testing covers validation of important nutrient information in different proportions for mass production, which is time-consuming and prone to errors. Instead, you can use conditional checks and data-driven testing to test and validate the nutrient information with varied proportions for mass production of healthcare products.

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About TestingWhiz

TestingWhiz is a top-notch test automation solution that not only helps you go codeless by converting Selenium test scripts to codeless scripts but also helps you create and join a codeless automation journey from scratch by providing 360-degree automation with full circle support on Web, Mobile, Web Services, and Database Testing.

How TestingWhiz work?

Test automation made easy with intuitive Record/Playback feature and Drag & Drop commands

Why TestingWhiz?

TestingWhiz acts as a one-stop solution for customers across all domains and businesses of all sizes across the globe.

What’s unique about TestingWhiz is its easy integration with popular tools, frameworks, databases, and platforms, ensuring seamless automation and test case execution across different environments and conditions.

A broad suite of exclusive features drives TestingWhiz to provide complete end-to-end testing capabilities like:

Keyword-driven Testing

Robust reporting and logs

Integration with bug tracking tools like Jira, Mantis, FogBugz

Integration with Cloud Execution Platforms like BrowserStack, SauceLabs, LambdaTest

Integration CI/CD tools like Jenkins, Bamboo, and Microsoft Azure

Inbuilt Javascript and Python Editor

Data-driven testing

Know what our clients have to say

  • Raul Genescu

    Software QA, Viewster AG, Romania

    TestingWhiz has answered all my automation needs, I find it very efficient while its features ease my work and allow me to focus on the critical issues I am testing. I am pleased with its user-friendly aspects and the effectiveness of its tech support and would recommend this tool!

  • Henna Ashraf

    Head of QA, Salary Finance

    TestingWhiz made it so simple. I was looking for an effective automation solution and TestingWhiz met all the requirements. The continuous support I have received is awesome and at many customized updates were made on my request which has been very beneficial. I would highly recommend TestingWhiz to any team who are planning to begin or extend their automation framework.

  • Tony Lagovardos

    Senior QA, Yallotrade (now Claiton)

    TestingWhiz is my go-to automation tool for almost any testing need. The intuitive interface, ease of use, and the great support are just a few of the reasons I would recommend it to anyone looking for an all-around fantastic testing application.

  • Dolly Jain

    Christ University

    TestingWhiz software is one of the best automated testing tools that provides a provision to test multiple formats/domains and having a codeless execution approach. The tool has impressed us as we were able to perform multiple testing like keyword-driven testing, data driven testing, excel inputs, cross-browser testing, image comparison, object recorder, language translation and Java scripting and create various test scenarios and test cases.

  • Katerina Saveleva

    Software QA Professional, Vistaprint

    Our team has been using TestingWhiz from last few months. Very friendly interface and easy to learn! The TestingWhiz customer support has been great in helping us to get started and resolve any issues we have. The TestingWhiz tool has helped us to quickly make progress on automating regression tests for our web-based supplier portal. We have found it to have all the functionality we need without all the complexity of many other tools out there. We are very pleased with the offered functionality and outstanding customer support.

  • Sai Prasanna Boddu

    Senior Test Analyst, Netalogue Plc

    We have made a right choice in choosing TestingWhiz. It is a code-less scripting tool with minimal understanding required to start with. It is a testing framework to perform web application testing across various browsers. Non-programmers can find it easy to start an automation testing project and maintain their scripts. Their support team is so quick in responding and resolving the issues, very efficient. Integration with TFS is the feature which we like the most.

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