TestingWhiz, a codeless automation testing tool facilitates fast, accurate, and flexible automation testing. The tool lets you automate regression testing for software, web, database, mobile, web services, and API by re-running automated tests in continuous integration.

TestingWhiz offers a regression test automation solution with a modular regression architecture that allows adding or changing test steps at any stage without needing to change the implementation code. TestingWhiz ensures new releases, modifications, and patches that do not compromise your application’s performance and quality through its state-of-the-art automated regression testing tool. The flexible automation engine of this regression test automation tool quickly identifies the unintentional and unattended faults that might have occurred during the software development stage, reducing the time-to-market and giving a higher ROI in developing the application.


Application Regression Testing

Application Regression Testing

TestingWhiz’s automated regression testing tool for web applications and mobile apps helps you determine obstructed functions and features for specific releases ensuring minimum risks into production and maximum test coverage.

  • Web Application Testing
  • Cloud Application Testing
  • Mobile Application Testing
  • QoQ Verification
  • Performance Diagnostics
Back-End Regression Testing

Back-End Regression Testing

TestingWhiz enables QA engineers to automate application back-end testing, which consists of databases, web services, and logic, enabling a thorough and detailed analysis of the application whenever it undergoes a change or upgrades.

  • Database Regression Testing
  • Web Services Regression Testing
  • Big Data Regression Testing
  • Architecture Validation
Regression Test Case Management

Regression Test Case Management

TestingWhiz, with its best-in-class approaches and procedures, helps QA teams manage the regression test case to regulate the rechecking of the application and defects correction for every iteration ensuring the minimum risk of defects being carried forward.

  • Test Suite & Test Scripts Maintenance
  • Object Repository Maintenance
System Integration Regression Testing

System Integration Regression Testing

TestingWhiz provides solutions to automate system integration testing that confirms that any system under test works in synchronization with associated systems and tools and exchanges data seamlessly after every integration or upgrade.

  • Functional Flow / Workflow Validation
  • Data Integration & Communication Testing

How it work?


Intuitive GUI with easy to set up, run and maintain test cases

Inbuilt Object Recorder to manage, capture, record, and store the regression test scripts

300+ readily available commands to automate and modify test cases

Elimination of writing repetitive and lengthy scripts for each test cycle

Scheduler to run unattended tests at a specific time

Looking to speed up your release cycles with Regression Test Automation Tool for Mobile and Web Apps?

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