Version 9.1.0

6th Feb 2023

New features

  • SAP Automation commands: Dedicated commands to allow users to test and automate repetitive tasks and flows within SAP Application. With another vertical of testing added, TestingWhiz becomes wholesome.
  • Call Testcase Command: Ability to use a complete testcase across various test Suits of the same project. The time and effort to duplicate a testcase gets reduced hence increases QA’s efficiency.
  • Option to store execution report on GIT repository: This makes report sharing a richer experience.
  • Time-Out: A new column in the editor helps to reduce user clicks and allows user to control the timeout of any step in the testcase.

Version 9.0.0

19th Oct 2022

New features

  • Build Java Code: Enables users to import selenium Maven project source code into the TestingWhiz and add it to the classpath so that project can be integrated with the in-built selenium command.
  • Multiple actions in the Data table: With actions like sum, average, min, max, mean, and median users can smoothly test the required mathematical operation.
  • Slack Integration: Enable users to share report pdf across Slack channels. This help to access the test report at your fingertips, without getting to open the tool.
  • Import JSON: With enriched file support users can now even import test data in JSON format into a data table.
  • Remove Duplicates: Allows users to remove the duplicate data from the desired data table, just like they do in excel.
  • Step Retry Number: A new column in Test Editor provides access to set the number of execution attempts for a particular step based upon the application or the page loading time or failure occurring due to another factor (s).
  • Scroll to the element: Yet another column was added in Test Editor so as users canoncroll to a particular element before performing the actual action, irrespective of its position on the webpage. This will allow users to avoid reasons for failure.
  • Click JS: A new command which executes XPath written in JavaScript. This reduces the conversion time and the scope of error. Works as recourse in case the traditional click fails.

Version 8.3.0

10th June 2022

New features

  • Label-based Execution: Allow users to have more control on setting parameters for testcase execution.
  • Import Postman Collections: A powerful integration enabling users to swiftly import collections from Postman. Users no longer need to switch between the tools.
  • SMS Command: Allow users to capture text messages from any given Twilio number.
  • Extract Regex Command: Allow users to extract string using java expression.
  • Error Handling: Users can now choose to continue execution even when the test step has failed.

Version 8.2.0

7th April 2022

New features

  • Ability to execute testcase to existing browser: Allowing users to have more control while executing the scripts in already opened browser.
  • Enriched mobile command: Added “Tap & Hold” and “Double Tap” commands for better mobile testing experience.
  • Tags in Recording: Allows user to customize tags for precise object recording.

Version 8.1.2

28th February 2022

New features

  • BrowserStack: The configuration issue has been fixed, users now can smoothly configure to BrowserStack server and perform testing. The configuration issue has been fixed.
  • TestRail: The ability to save test suit across multiple projects is now made possible. User shall no longer get failure message while saving test suits in TestRail.

Version 8.1.1

11th February 2022

New features

  • Capture network logs: Ability to capture network logs and validate critical backend server communication information.
  • Twizx back-up: Automated back-up process of twizx files to ensure zero missout.
  • TW Payment Integration: User driven payment process to eliminate all purchase related miscommunications.
  • Datatypes in variable: Power of generating random data is now open with support of regular expressions.

Version 8.0.1

4th October 2021

New features

  • Desktop Automation commands: Dedicated commands to automate desktop-based testing.
  • Selenium Script Execution: Selenium execution incorporated with the java files.
  • Ini file parsing command: Value adding parsing command which decreases third party dependency.
  • Requirement traceability matrix in reports: Requirements in test-cases along with test-suits can now be checked and traced in one go.

Version 7.2.3

3rd August 2021

New features

  • Add a command for key press combination: Smoothens the user experience by increasing flexibility and reducing over-all testcase creation time.
  • Sending email after Execution of Build test scripts gets complete from TestingWhiz: This inbuilt value-added feature makes the sharing a lot easier.
  • Develop utility to check configuration prerequisite via TestingWhiz: Ensure hassle-free system configuration checking.

Version 7.2.2

31st May 2021

New features

  • Added requirement ID field in Test Case properties: Ensures detailed test report.
  • New command set- Password variable: Enables user to create Global Password Variable Command to access all test cases.
  • Date Generation Command: Supports date generation in varied format.
  • Auto update environment name for Base URL: URL gets auto updated when environment name is selected.

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