4. Tools

Click on Tool menu to Start/Stop Server

Tools → Start Server

➤   Start Server - Start the server for TestingWhiz Grid

➤   Click on ToolsStop Server

5. Scheduler

TestingWhiz comes with a Scheduler Engine to help users to schedule and run their test cases at a pre-defined date, day, week and time, set exceptions and much more.

With the scheduler, the user can also define frequencies of test runs using the highly configurable timing manager.

Click on Scheduler menu to perform any of the following functionality


➤   Manage Jobs

Job Scheduler is a computer application for controlling unattended background program execution of jobs (a unit of work). It is used in interfacing to define workflows and/or dependencies.

Now scheduled execution reports can also be sent and stored over FTP connections in addition to reports getting emailed to users. This is especially useful when the size of attachment grows beyond a few MBs and if SMTP settings are not allowing sending big size report. Also, it helps keeping all reports at a centralized storage location facilitating storage of all historical data at one single place (per job).

Schedule Job should be executed at least once.

✔   Click on Add button to Schedule Job.

✔   Job Name – Enter the Name of the job to be scheduled

✔   Project – Enter the path/location of the Test Script to be scheduled

✔   RBT enabled execution – Mark this to enable Risk-Based Testing of the selected Test Script

✔   Trigger – Select the time to activate a job scheduler from the drop-down


The user can customize Trigger on the basis of Minute, Hour, Day, Week, and Month.

✔   Browser – Select the web browser to run the Test Script

✔   Add-ons – Select the Add-on of the respective web browser

✔   Send Report to – Enter an Email address to send reports

User can send an email if and only if Mail Preferences are set.

✔   Active When the checkbox is checked, the scheduler will be Active and Executed.

✔   Edit – Click on it to do changes in an existing scheduled job

✔   Remove – Click on it to delete specific job(s) from the list

✔   Duplicate – Click on it to clone selected scheduled job

✔   Save – Click on it to store the details of the scheduled job

✔   Trend Analysis – It facilitates to view the Trend of scheduled jobs

Scheduler → Manage Jobs


➤   Job History

✔   It will display the detailed list of executed jobs

✔   The user can filter the history according to number of days (E.g. All, Today, Last 7 days, etc.) from drop-down “Show History from:”

✔   Select option from the drop-down and click on Show button

✔   Same way the user can delete the history according to number of days (E.g. All, Before 1 day, Before 7 days, etc.) from drop-down “Clear History:”

✔   Select option from the drop-down and click on Clear button

Scheduler → Job History

6. Support

Click on Support Tab to get personalized support from TestingWhiz Support Team related to the tool usage and queries.


➤   Whiz Support

✔   The user can directly send email for any kind of queries, issues, and concern related to TestingWhiz Support Team

✔   Enter the Subject and Message Content

✔   Click on to send an email to Support Team

The user can send an email if and only if Mail Preferences are set.
Support → Whiz Support → Compose Mail

➤   Support Desk

✔   Clicking on it and it will redirect the user to TestingWhiz Support Web Page. From here, the user can get answers from the community forums, submit requests to the Support Desk and check updates & announcements.

Refer Link - Support Desk

7. View


➤   Other

✔   The user can get instant access to following functions.

View → Others

8. Help

Click on Help menu to access following functions


➤   Welcome - Click on it and the user will land on Welcome Page of TestingWhiz

➤   User Guide - Click on it to view TestingWhiz User Manual in PDF Format

➤   About TestingWhiz - Click on it to avail all information related to TestingWhiz

Help → About TestingWhiz


TestingWhiz is committed to provide an innovative and automated software testing solution to the global enterprises and software companies for their web, mobile and cloud applications.


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