Criteria for selecting a Test Automation tool

  • April 13, 2022
  • Reading Time: 2 minutes
Reading Time: 2 minutes

As most individuals in the software business are aware, there are significant distinctions between manual and automated testing. Manual testing necessitates physical time and effort to guarantee that the software code performs as expected.

Furthermore, manual testers have to keep track of their results. Tracking entails looking for faults in log files, external services, and the database. We know how time-consuming and tedious manual testing can be.

So, to enhance the testing process, we will discuss Test Automation.

What is a test automation tool?

A test automation tool determines testing tasks and performs them with very little human intervention.

However, automated testing technologies are capable of much more. Let us look at why to employ an automated testing tool.

Why do we use test automation?

Each product goes through manual testing by a software development group. However, the delivered product always has defects that reflect after the product launch. Test engineers try their best, but there is always that overlooked bug.

Moreover, by automating test cases, the QA team can reduce the burden on the manual tester and achieve accuracy and complete the testing cycle at an accelerated pace.

According to the 2020 State of Testing survey, 96.5% of recipients listed functional testing automation and scripting as critical QA skills for industry success.

Adopting test automation software will increase effectiveness, efficiency, and coverage. Let us further learn the criteria for selection.

Criteria for Selecting a Test Automation Tool

Compatibility with App:

Begin with learning about the application under test (AUT). The primary goal is to know the technology used for building the application. Then find a tool that supports the same technology.

Platform Support:

The tool must support cross-platform testing for all required platforms with maximum reuse of the test scripts.

For example, if a desktop application claims to support Windows, it has to run on Windows 7, Windows XP, Linux and Ubuntu.

Simple to Use:

After selection, it is essential to clear these questions. Then, with time, as teams’ experience and comfort level increase, one can deploy a tool of varying complexities to service any test.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to accomplish a basic threshold of test velocity while starting. Such preparation will help to streamline the learning process.


A testing tool that is prominently known will have more engineers working on it. An existing path is easy to walk and refer to. Hence, there will be people to communicate, learn and enhance the testing process.

A tool’s popularity depends on the availability of support, technical community forums and documentation quality.

Documentation & Support:

Support and documentation are must-have elements that are an integral part of any product or software. Unfortunately, the support part shoots exponentially if the tool is expensive or complex.

For organizations that lack IT expertise or in-house technical support, acquiring extensive, hands-on support would be wise.


Considering and selecting a test automation tool that fulfils the criteria mentioned above will lead to a seamless onboarding of the test engineers and enhance manual testing.

It will transform the application testing process and help develop higher-quality software. In addition, it will be efficient, accurate and less prone to human error.

However, if your team is filled with manual testers and you are looking for a low-code test automation tool that helps you develop automated test cases without hiring skilled test automation engineers.

You can give TestingWhiz a try. Due to its codeless test execution framework and built-in playback and record functionality, testers can perform keyword-driven, data-driven, and cross-browser tests and create various test scenarios and test cases effortlessly.

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