TestingWhiz vs Katalon Studio – Features and Comparison

  • August 17, 2022
  • Reading Time: 4 minutes
Reading Time: 4 minutes

Automation Testing Tools have become one of the most crucial tools in the technology market. While there are a vast variety of tools available, finding the right Automation Testing solution that fits your unique needs becomes a challenge. To help you narrow down your perfect choice as per your requirements, we have compared TestingWhiz Automation Tool with Katalon Studio, weighing one software against the other.

If you are reading this comparison, then you are perhaps interested in choosing TestingWhiz or Katalon Studio. So, let us now see the comparison to figure out which Automation Testing Tool best fits your requirements.

Overview of the Tools

TestingWhiz is an automated testing tool that offers a comprehensive set of features to implement fully automated testing solutions for Desktop, Web, API, and Mobile. It offers a number of key test automation features such as keyword-driven, data-driven, and risk-based testing, cross-browser testing, API testing, CI integrations, etc. With the easy-to-use and intuitive User Interface (UI), it allows users to easily get started with the sample test cases provided, reducing the learning efforts.

Katalon Studio is also an automated testing platform that provides testing solutions for Desktop, Web, API, and Mobile. It allows the teams to get started with test automation quickly with less efforts and expertise required for learning. It offers a wide-ranging set of automation testing features covering most functional requirements.

Basic Comparison of the Tools

ParameterTestingWhizKatalon Studio
Available since20112015
Company Size1000+ employeesNA
RevenueApprox. 1M USDNon-profit
Supported Apps.Desktop, Web(UI &API) & Mobile Apps.Desktop, Web(UI &API) & Mobile Apps.
Supported PlatformsWindows, MACWindows, Linux & OS X
Programming SkillsNot Required – Key Word Driven ApproachRequired for advanced test scripts
Ease of use & InstallationPlug & Play, starts working as soon as connectedEasy to set-up and use
Licensing ModelsFree Trial, Node-locked (Subscription, Perpetual) & FloatingOpen-source
PricingFree (Trial) available, Free Customer Support
For further enquiries, contact for the quote.
Customer Support chargeable @ $3000/Year

Features Comparison

Feature TitleFeature TypeFeature DescriptionTestingWhizKatalon Studio
Test CreationKeyword Driven TestingKeyword driven test execution supportYesYes-Limited
Data Driven TestingData Driven TestingBuilt-in Test Data TablesRequires Extensive Coding
Object Based Recorder/Code KillerTest Script Automation & Recording EngineYesYes
Object Based Recorder/Code KillerTest Script Automation & Recording EngineYesYes
Record & PlaybackRecord & PlaybackOut of box support for FAST™ recorder and playback on IE, FF, Chrome, Edge, and Headless BrowsersYes
ScriptingProgramming knowledge required?NoYes
Support for script programmingJava Script and PythonJava/Groovy
Test management tool integration (QC/ET)Test management tool integration (QC/ET)QC and TestLink, Zephyr, TestRail, and VSTSJira and TestRail
Test EditingDrag & Drop Command BuilderPre-defined drag and drop commands editorYesNo
Test EditorTest editor to review the script and edit it based on the requirementEasyComplex
Progress BarProgress bar to show the test is being executedYes – IntuitiveYes
Database TestingDatabase SupportDatabase SupportOracle, MS SQL Server, IBM DB2, My SQL, Hadoop & Teradata support. No scripting requiredComplex
Object RepositoryObject RepositoryObject RepositoryBuilt in easy-to-use and reusable Object Repository across Test Project Objects can be exportedYes – very limited
Web UI ComparisonImage based comparisonImage based comparisonCan be easily done with a single commandNo
Test ExecutionExecution Scheduler or Delayed executionYesYesYes
Trigger & SchedulerAn API that triggers a Test Script after an action is completed, Support for SchedulerYesNo in-built Scheduler
Failure Screen shotScreenshots for Failed Test Step & Test CaseYesYes
DocumentationExecution ResultsHow the tool provides testing data output reporting through Pass & FailVisual Logs, Screenshots & History, HTML, pdf, email, and WhatsApp reporting capabilitiesSimple Reporting, customization can be done using extensive coding
Data GeneratorGenerate random Test Data for Test CasesYes, and CustomizableNo
Execution LogDetailed Test Execution Log AvailableYesYes
Test Environment ReportAuto detection of test environment InformationYesNo
Screenshot CaptureScreenshots of your tested application for each test step and side-by-side comparison with those captured during test recording to quickly identify critical changes in the application.Yes – Image comparison also availableNo
IntegrationsDefect Tracking & Mgmt.JIRAYesYes
Test management tool integrationTest LinkYesYes
Technology SupportLanguage Support Support for various Programming Languages400+ Drag & Drop Test Commands + Built in Java Script & Python  EditorSelenese, Java, Ruby, Perl, PHP, Python, C#, Groovy
InternationalizationEnglishSupport for English languageYesYes
FrenchSupport for French languageYesNo
GermanSupport for German languageYesNo
SpanishSupport for Spanish LanguageYesNo
DutchSupport for Dutch LanguageYesNo
ItalianSupport for Italian LanguageYesNo
Web Platforms PlaybackMicrosoft IE Browser SupportSupport for IEYesYes
Mozilla Firefox Browser SupportSupport for FirefoxYesYes
Google Chrome Browser SupportSupport for Google ChromeYesYes
EdgeSupport for EdgeYesYes
HeadlessHeadless Browser SupportYesNo
Learning CurveLearning curve to be productiveLearning curve to be productive1 week1 month
SupportEmail SupportEmail Support AvailabilityYesPaid and expensive Support
Phone SupportPhone Support AvailabilityYesPaid and expensive Support
Platforms & Technology Support MatrixHTML 5 Support & CSS3Support for HTML 5 & CSS3YesYes
Subscription (Annual Lease)Single User Locked LicenseFree and Paid enterprise version are available. Request a quote for Enterprise version.Open-Source

Strengths and Weaknesses

Let us now view the tools from another perspective and compare their key strengths and limitations.



  • Supports code-less, Key Word Driven feature with an intuitive UI and drag and drop controls that help you record and modify test scripts easily.
  • Let you run your test cases across multiple browsers.
  • Provides efficient results due to its integration with Defect Tracking and Test Management Tools.
  • Allows the testers to execute test cases on multiple nodes through a centralized server.
  • Allows to customize the UI, scripts, and reports into a language of your choice among English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Dutch.
  • Offers the sample test cases to get started and significantly cut down the learning curve.


  • Desktop Testing is partially supported.
  • Linux is not supported.

Katalon Studio


  • Built on top of the Selenium framework.
  • Integrated necessary frameworks for test cases creation/execution.
  • No licensing and maintenance fees required although paid dedicated support services is available when needed.


  • Skill set necessary to build and maintain the automation suite for advanced testing.
  • Quality remains an underrated drawback of Open Source Tools.
  • Feature set is still evolving.

Summing Up

Finding the right Automation Testing solution that fits your unique requirements is challenging and there is noone-size-fits-all tool for automated testing. It is highly suggested that testers evaluate various tools in order to select what best fits their automated testing needs. Technologies continue to evolve, as do the automated testing tools, making an integrated platform offering multiple features a significant factor in tool selection. Open Source tool may come with the limitation of skill set requirement, quality compromises, and requiring the paid support intervention. The customer support of the Open Source tool is expensive. Whereas the Automation tools like TestingWhiz offers a viable alternative offering the free Trial version and paid subscriptions along with the free customer support included in the package. TestingWhiz provides you with an easy-to-use & intuitive User Interface, key word driven testing experience and free support whenever required.

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