The Next generation of Cross-browser Testing with TestingWhiz & LambdaTest

  • August 17, 2022
  • Reading Time: 3 minutes
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Customers often access the websites from multiple combinations of devices, operating systems and browsers. While many websites offer the best customer experience on one browser, others cause issues like missing elements/images, bad font, etc. This results in a higher bounce rate and end-user frustration who will switch to the competitor’ website in a blink.

The result- Low profit, poor revenue!

The businesses can fight back with cross-browser testing for seamless UX for better website appeal and effectiveness.

Cross-Browser Testing with TestingWhiz

Cross-browser testing ensures the quality of the website across multiple screen sizes, screen resolutions, OS, and browser versions. It persuades development and QA teams to collaborate better on the cloud and accelerate the release cycles.

For an exceptional experience, businesses utilize the capabilities of TestingWhiz for automated cross-browser testing to run web and mobile application on the required browser & monitor their performance.

TestingWhiz capabilities

TestingWhiz comes with a huge gamut of features that ensures the websites behaves correctly before the go-to-market phase.

  • Automation makes it happen- faster: Automated Web UI testing verifies the critical features and functioning of the website to deliver efficient and effective web interfaces.
  • Intuitive Test Editor: Editing the test scripts whenever required becomes easier.
  • Record and play Feature: TW enables testing and recording the testing steps on multiple browsers.
  • Seamless API Automation: Smooth API Testing ensures whether the application communicates and responds correctly for the execution of a workflow by verifying the integrated web services.
  • Cost optimization: Top-notch application performance reduces errors and customer support overheads.

To further leverage the end-to-end cross-browser testing features, TestingWhiz partnered with LambdaTest, a cross-browser compatibility testing platform.

Take a step towards the future of cross-browser testing with LambdaTest

While the cross-browsing testing is everything a business need for its websites and applications, LambdaTest comes with myriad advantages. Especially when there are 2000+ browsers & operating systems, multiple versions and configurations, deadlines to serve in an agile environment, delayed delivery, unsatisfied customer service and many other bottlenecks.

LambdaTest is automated cross-browser testing trusted by more than 300,000 testers and QA specialists worldwide. Let’s have a look at some of its main features.

Important features of LambdaTest
  • Implement real-time cross-browser testing of public or locally hosted websites on mobile and desktop browsers running on the real operating system.
  • Analyse the website responsiveness across Android and iOS operating systems and multiple screen sizes in a click.
  • Perform visual testing with auto-generated full-page screenshots of web pages
  • The integrated debugging feature lets the tester tackle debug issues in live testing.
  • Check and remove errors after deployment with local hosted web testing.
  • Test website from different cities and countries to deliver the best experience to the website user.

TestingWhiz + LambdaTest = enhanced business ROI

The businesses today are shifting from brick & motor store to the online platforms to expand their businesses and enhance ROI. Now, these innovators can leverage the capabilities of both TestingWhiz & Lambda Testing in the following ways.

  1. Global ExpansionBusinesses now demand a global presence and a top-notch build. Embracing LambdaTest’s cross browsing testing capabilities & TestingWhiz’s complete functional testing package around the website, mobile, web services & databases can be of great help.
  2. Enhanced CollaborationTestingWhiz’s version control system helps the teams to collaborate freely, commit changes, revert local changes, check out the latest files, show history and do so much more.
  3. Reduce testing time and effortLambdaTest platform can leverage TW’s 300+ readily available test commands to produce powerful & modular automation scripts saving time and efforts in writing codes. It improves the efficiency of test automation projects.
  4. Continuous server integrationTW enables the execution of test scripts on the server with CI/CD plugins such as Jenkins or Bamboo. It enables validation of application on regression cycles and provide reports to CI/CD tools continuously.
  5. Detailed reportingLambdaTest platform can also utilize the robust reporting features to offer summarized information about a particular test case and a detailed view of script execution with visual logs. Bug tracking tool helps in detecting errors, correct and easily email end-to-end reports to stakeholders.
  6. Improved Integration for defect managementIntegration with Atlassian JIRA, Mantis, FogBugz and Azure DevOps Server track and report bugs status seamlessly. During the cross browsing, the testers can push failed test cases to the Defect Tracking Tool along with the captured screenshots.
  7. Enhanced test management and monitoringTestingWhiz’s offers easy administration of test information such as test progress, bug handled, project tasks, etc. to ensure a high level of collaboration throughout the automation process with test management tools like Microfocus Quality Center, Zephyr, TestRail and Azure DevOps Services.
  8. Bug-free product releasesEfficient testing processes accelerates monotonous test cases daily. It offers enough time and efficiency to the testers to generate better test case scenarios, and error-free releases rapidly for a consistent web product stays after every change deployed in production.
  9. Maximize ROIUndoubtedly, this partnership will enhance the go-to-market of business websites and applications and maximize ROI.


Apart from all these benefits, the partnership has the potential to save business costs, enable better utilization of resources and deliver many advantages as the industry progresses towards technological developments.

If your business is also looking for the best cross-browsing testing platform, TestingWhiz powered with LambdaTest offer an innovative and automated software testing solution globally for web, mobile and cloud applications.

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