TestingWhiz is a web UI automation testing tool for validating UI of the web applications & front-end to confirm its accurate appearance across different browsers, platforms and devices. TestingWhiz’s web test automation solution also helps you authenticate critical functioning of your web applications to deliver an efficient and effective experience at the user’s end.

By automating UI testing using TestingWhiz, the testers can easily capture the two web interfaces, compare the result with the expected output and record pixel by pixel differences on the basis of custom defined tolerance level. TestingWhiz can automate web UI testing across two URLs, two image files or between an image and a URL.


  • Web UI Testing
  • Web Functional Testing

Web UI Testing

TestingWhiz provides UI automation testing solution that helps you verify and validate UI components of different web interfaces to ensure there are no deviations in the results from the expected user experiences and interactions.

  • Verification of navigation, screen layout and theme
  • Testing of design as well as look & feel consistency – branding, UI components

Web Functional Testing

TestingWhiz's functional test automation solution helps monitor and audit the performance and functioning of web front-end to ensure it meets the web standards, structure and compliance expectations to avoid possible usability, accessibility and functionality issues.

  • Content Placement testing – buttons, toolbars, logo, font styles/ sizes/ spacing/ colors
  • Page & Text Validation
  • Browser compatibility and UI standards testing


  • Accelerated web testing with comprehensive & reliable results
  • Consistent functioning and interfaces across different environments
  • User-friendly process to test interfaces supporting novice and experienced tester
  • Custom-defined tolerance value to identify and measure visual differences as per requirements
  • Improved customer experience and quality of deliverables

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TestingWhiz is committed to provide an innovative and automated software testing solution to the global enterprises and software companies for their web, mobile and cloud applications.


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