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TestingWhiz, being automated Big Data testing solution, helps you verify structured and unstructured data sets, schemas, approaches and inherent processes residing at different sources in your application in languages such as ‘Hive’, ‘Map-reduce’ ‘Sqoop’ and ‘Pig’.

With the out-of-the-box connectors - Hadoop, TeraData and NoSQL - of this big data testing tool, you can validate volume, variety and velocity of data, identify the differences and bad data after various implementations, migration and integration processes and ensure functional and non-functional requirements of data are met accurately to perform error-free processes and analytics.


  • Post ETL Data Validation
  • Data Migration Validation
  • Big Data Health Check

Post ETL Data Validation

TestingWhiz provides big data test automation solution to validate whether the data accumulated and loaded after the ETL process is assorted, robust and capacious to drill important insights.

  • Analysis of large data sets post ETL
  • Validation of data extraction, transformation and loading into EDW
  • Validation of results

Data Migration Validation

TestingWhiz's Hadoop test automation helps automate the process of connecting and extracting data from large clusters of Hadoop, performing data migrations between RDBMS and Hadoop-based data sets and comparing data sets between HDFS and RDBMS.

  • Source to Target (NoSQL DB/ Hive/ HDFS) Validation
  • Post migration data accuracy validation
  • Validation of Hadoop process data output
  • Validation of reports

Big Data Health Check

TestingWhiz helps automate checking of your Big Data pools by verifying their quality, integrity and scalability to authenticate and ensure their adherence to applications for further usage and analysis.

  • Performance testing of Big Data architecture and volume
  • Hive queries & Pig jobs validation
  • HDFS & NoSQL database validation


  • Real-time information due to integration of large data sets across multiple sources
  • Better data quality enabling correct decisions and subsequent actions
  • Better alignment of data with changing dynamics to take predictive actions
  • Right insights from the minutest data sources
  • Scalable data across different layers and touch-points

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