TestingWhiz is a data-driven automation testing tool that helps you test your application against multiple data sets and data values. Data-driven test automation by TestingWhiz comes with smart Test Data Management features. Automate data-driven testing using TestingWhiz to let you separate your test logic from the test data and execute a single test script with different input values stored in excel, CSV or XML to derive different results of an application’s performance.


  • Data-driven Testing using Excel
  • Data-driven Testing using XML Data

Data-Driven Testing using Excel

TestingWhiz import Excel format data and execute automated data-driven testing by connecting, querying and reading different data values stored in excel files to compare different outputs with the expected results in the spreadsheets.

Data-Driven Testing using XML Data

TestingWhiz performs data-driven automation testing by sending queries to input values stored in XML formats and iterate the process for comparing results of different data sets.


  • Smart Test Data Management with inbuilt Data Tables
  • Reduced costs and efforts with reusable test automation framework
  • Zero programming to create and automate test data
  • Out-of-the-box support for different data sets and extensions
  • Different objects and methods to store, retrieve and manage data values

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