TestingWhiz is a cross-browser automation testing tool that confirms your application works accurately on different browsers and versions. It drives and validates your application's user interface (UI) completely independent of technology or source code, providing a simple and quick mechanism to check it under different combination of browsers, platforms, operating systems and their versions.

By automating browser testing using TestingWhiz, you can seamlessly work around the same script and run your web and mobile application on the required browser to monitor its performance and confidently ensure it behaves correctly before go-to-market phase.

Automate cross-browser testing with TestingWhiz that allows you to run all your tests in the cloud with integrations to popular platforms such as Sauce Labs & BrowserStack which results in further lowering the total investments into testing infrastructure.


  • Client-side Browser Testing
  • Cloud-based Browser Testing

Client-side Browser Testing

TestingWhiz's cross-browser test automation solution allows testing of web applications on the browsers installed/configured in your system. It ensures compatibility of your application on different browsers at a time by recording a test case for one browser and re-running the same on other browsers without the need to re-record or re-write the script.

Cloud-based Browser Testing

TestingWhiz's cross-browser automated testing solution lets you check and verify the behavior of your application on browsers and operating systems other than those configured in your system with support for cloud-based browser testing. With TestingWhiz, you can test behavior and functioning of your application without acquiring the infrastructure of different browsers, operating systems, and devices.


  • Easy testing of app on multiple browsers by recording the steps only once
  • Intuitive Test Editor to change the test scripts whenever your application demands
  • Exciting, fast and error-free testing process
  • Reduced customer support overheads due to lesser application performance issues

Looking to validate your application’s performance across multiple browsers?

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TestingWhiz is committed to provide an innovative and automated software testing solution to the global enterprises and software companies for their web, mobile and cloud applications.


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