Test automation has come a long way from traditional to codeless automation. Codeless test automation enables users with no programming knowledge to create test scripts quickly and easily without writing a single line of code.

Challenges of Manual Testing

Manual testing requires human intervention and is more prone to errors.

Manual testing requires more time and more resources. Covering all areas of application requires writing more test, creating all possible test cases, and executing all these test cases takes more time.

Execution of same test cases on a repetitive basis is a tedious and time-consuming process.

The scope of test cases in manual testing is limited. Manual testing is not suitable for large-scale and time-bound projects.

Why should you use the Community Edition?

TestingWhiz’s Community Edition is a free Web Automation Testing Tool that is a one-stop solution to address the above-mentioned challenges with its codeless test automation capability.


1. Codeless Test automation requires little or no programming skills.


TestingWhiz Community Version increases test reusability and allows testers to reuse the same test cases across the project, saving time and resources.


Offers better test coverage allowing the QA teams to apply test automation on more platforms simultaneously in a shorter time. The codeless testing tool covers a wide range of application types – including web, desktop, or virtual applications.


TestingWhiz, a codeless testing tool, offers comprehensive integration capabilities that meet organization needs for scalability while keeping test generation and maintenance simple and ensuring a lesser time-to-market for the application.

The FREE Community Edition is suitable for individual testers and teams performing manual testing earlier and now wish to switch to codeless automation testing. Community Edition helps the tester to scale and amplify web testing and gain an increasing degree of confidence in the code quality. It allows them to release products faster without sacrificing quality or increasing expenses, reducing their learning curve.

TestingWhiz Community Edition

What’s included?


  • Integration with Continuous Integration Tools like Jenkins
  • Integration with Cloud Execution Platform like LambdaTest
  • Centralized Report Repository to house all the reports in MongoDB to feed your test execution reports to the dashboard
  • Risk-Based Testing
  • Test execution on browsers like Chrome & Firefox

TestingWhiz License Version

What’s included?

Everything in Community Edition plus…

  • CI/CD Integration with Azure DevOps, Jenkins & Atlassian Bamboo
  • Recording Rules
  • Auto-healing feature
  • Dependent Test Case Execution
  • Recovery Scenarios
  • Re-run Failed Test Case
  • Test Execution Video Recorder

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