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Automated Cross Browser Testing
TestingWhiz can automate testing of web applications on different browsers. With support for browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera, it allows you to easily play scripts on any browser without the need to record scripts again and again.
Automated Regression Testing
Regression test automation for web applications is now simpler than you imagined. Create your regression test suite by simply recording the test steps. Modify the test scripts whenever your application undergoes a new release cycle without the stress of maintaining lengthy scripts.
Distributed Test Execution
WhizGrid allows you to execute test cases on multiple devices from a single centralized server. Now multiple your test efforts without purchasing separate licenses for each device, leveraging a distributed test execution feature.
Functional UI Testing
TestingWhiz provides Web UI Comparison for web applications. Helps you to compare two webpages, images and record the differences at the pixel level. Allowing you to add a visual element to your testing and identify objects that cannot be recognized with other tools in the market.


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Raul Genescu

TestingWhiz has answered all my automation needs, I find it very efficient, while its features ease my work and allow me to focus on the critical issues I am testing. I am pleased with its user-friendly aspects and the effectiveness of its tech support and would recommend this tool!

Software QA, Viewster AG, Romania


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