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  • Automated Cross Browser Testing

    TestingWhiz can automate testing of web applications on different browsers. With support for browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera, it allows you to easily play scripts on any browser without the need to record scripts again and again.

  • Automated Regression Testing

    Regression test automation for web applications is now simpler than you imagined. Create your regression test suite by simply recording the test steps. Modify the test scripts whenever your application undergoes a new release cycle without the stress of maintaining lengthy scripts.

  • Distributed Test Execution

    WhizGrid allows you to execute test cases on multiple devices from a single centralized server. Now multiple your test efforts without purchasing separate licenses for each device, leveraging a distributed test execution feature.

  • Web UI Comparison

    TestingWhiz provides Web UI Comparison for web applications. Helps you to compare two webpages, images and record the differences at the pixel level. Allowing you to add a visual element to your testing and identify objects that cannot be recognized with other tools in the market.

  • Language Translation

    TestingWhiz talks your language. You can completely customize the UI, scripts and reports into a language of your choice. Supported Language: English, French, Italiano, German, Spanish and Dutch.

  • Database Testing

    Allows database testing with a facility to fetch data directly to Placeholder and export to XML or CSV files. It currently supports connectors like Oracle, MSSQL, IBM DB2 and MySQL.

  • Scheduler Engine

    Now run your test cases at a pre-defined time, date, day and week along with a facility to set exceptions and frequency of test runs.

  • Captcha Automation

    Now you can easily intervene while running a test script to test the functionalities of web forms that require security codes and Captcha to be inserted manually.

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Oct 2014
TestingWhiz at Starwest 2014

Come Visit Us At STARWEST 2014 From 12-17 October 2014

Discover a new frontier in Test Automation with Mobile Testing, Web UI Comparison and many more great solutions. We will be available at Anaheim, California Disneyland Hotel from 12th to 17th October’2014.

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Sept 2014

TestingWhiz featured on SDtimes

SDTimes features Cygnet’s web test automation tool TestingWhiz for as modern and agile solution.

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  • Mbaye DIOUF

    TestingWhiz has helped me tremendously in testing my website forms with every new release to the website and on all browsers. The best part of it is that I can make changes to the steps and test data myself without depending on a programmer. It is an easy to use software and very convivial with the ability to interconnect with the tools bug tracking software.

    Test Engineer, Paris
  • Sonika Singh

    I’m so happy there is something out there that actually works. I learnt new things through TestingWhiz and enhance my knowledge...I tested an ERP of education system through TestingWhiz... The software is so intuitive and light!

    QA Engineer, Scientech Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Indore
  • Rashmi Chauhan

    We wanted a tool that could not only provide us with the flexibility to test our system, but could also provide support, training and expertise to test the system independently. With TestingWhiz, we got this facility and capability to optimize our site performance and availed additional functionalities.

    QA Engineer United Kingdom
  • Lobna Osama

    TestingWhiz is one of the best automation tools I have ever used! Not only for its ease of use but also for the accurate detailed reports it gives after performing a test as well. Also, the integration with other BUG tracking tools like Mantis and Jira is a great addition as it avoids duplication of work.

    Senior Quality Engineer, Cairo, Egypt
  • Nishant Luthra

    For all web application testers I recommend TestingWhiz for its intuitive automation. Also database testing is too easy to automate. I loved the cross-browser testing feature. In simple word, TestingWhiz make tester’s life easy and happy.

    Test Engineer, Delhi, India
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