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TestingWhiz™ is an easy, intuitive and affordable solution based on a robust FAST® automation engine. It uses effortless and intelligent recording techniques like keyword-driven testing, data driven testing, Excel inputs, object recorder and Java scripting to offer powerful test automation solutions like automated regression testing, cross browser testing, image comparison and language translation.

TestingWhiz easily automates the testing of your web applications on multiple browsers. Record the test case just once and play it back in any browser. TestingWhiz saves your time in doing manual testing for new browser versions. Supported browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera. Read more

Regression test automation for web applications is now simpler than you imagined. Using TestingWhiz, you can create your regression test suite by simply recording the test steps. TestingWhiz's codeless test editor makes it very easy to modify those test scripts whenever your application undergoes a new release cycle making maintenance a stress free activity.

Image comparison add-on in TestingWhiz helps you to compare two images and record the difference at the pixel level. This pixel by pixel comparison can be done across two URLs, two image files or an image and an URL. TestingWhiz automatically converts the complete webpage into an image to carry out the comparison. This feature is coming soon in version 4.0

TestingWhiz is a versatile tool which can be used for fast word by word language translation using the Google Translate tool. This is great utility for users who want to translate their application into multiple languages.


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Automated database testing

Webinar: Automated Database Testing for Web Apps

Date: 17 Dec 2013 1PM EST.     |    Watch the Webinar Recording

Web Applications are becoming highly database centric and it is getting more and more complex to test a layer beyond the functional layer. Join us for a live demo on how database testing can take your automated functional and regression testing a step further.

TestingWhiz Community

Introducing: TestingWhiz Community Edition

Download Now | Release Notes | Published on November 2013

TestingWhiz is happy to announce the release of its Community Edition. This is a free version ideal for individual testers and small test automation teams. Read More..

TestingWhiz Version 2.0

TestingWhiz: Product of the Month

Published on September 2013

TestingWhiz: Pioneering the Next Generation of Affordable Codeless Test Automation. It is the answer to the enterprises' need for an affordable, yet effective testing solution. Read More..

TestingWhiz Version 3.1

TestingWhiz Version 3.1 Released With Support for Opera & Safari

Published on June 2013

TestingWhiz 3.1 expands its capabilities to cover cross browser testing for Opera and Safari in addition to Firefox, IE and Chrome. In addition, test automation engineers now have access to over 190 in-built functions to make their job easier..


Client Speak

TestingWhiz has helped me tremendously in testing my website forms with every new release to the website and on all browsers. The best part of it is that I can make changes to the steps and test data myself without depending on a programmer.
        -        Yogesh Lokhande, Marketing Manager, Cygnet Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

We wanted a tool that could not only provide us with the flexibility to test our system, but could also provide support, training and expertise to test the system independently. With TestingWhiz, we got this facility and capability to optimize our site performance and availed additional functionalities.
        -        Rashmi Chauhan, QA Engineer United Kingdom

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