Whiz Consulting is an expert consulting service from TestingWhiz delivered to provide users the ability to jump-start their automation projects with minimum delay and costs.

Whiz Consulting services are provided through a team of experienced Automation Engineers who are certified by ISTQB for Foundation level and are up-to-date with the latest automation trends.

Whiz Consulting Services

Whiz Consulting Services can be hired by engaging remotely or on-site to professionally assist at any level for training teams, rapid tool implementation, test script development and maintenance of existing automation frameworks:

  • Implementation & Customization
  • Test Script Development
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Training
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Implementation & Customization

Whiz Expert services can be leveraged to increase the adoption of the software test automation tool by providing a professional assistance for implementing and deploying the automation framework. The services ensure that TestingWhiz works with your existing systems, connecting with your defect management and test management systems by making necessary customizations and configurations.

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Test Script Development

Whiz experts can be hired on-site or offshore to build Test Scripts from the ground up based on your application architecture. Whiz experts will work with your internal team by the hour to define requirements, identify test scenarios, set up the environment, build strategy and create automation test scripts for your team to accelerate your automation cycles, saving time, cost and resources.

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Maintenance & Support

Whiz Experts can assist with end-to-end test automation maintenance and support to reduce your total cost of ownership. By adopting a structured approach and implementing the best technical knowledge in support and maintenance, TestingWhiz’s automation engineers ensure you make the most your automation investment.

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Whiz Consulting can also be hired for training the teams of automation engineers to help them get acquainted with the tool and its usage. Training services include part and complete tool training which can be provided on-site or off-site to quickly help you get up and ready with TestingWhiz and speed up your automation initiatives.

Gold Pack

(For Mid to Large Teams)

Term: 6 Weeks
  • 1 Week Training Implementation
  • Test Script Development
  • Test Automation Consulting
  • Handover

Silver Pack

(For Mid-Size Teams)

Term: 4 Weeks
  • 2 Days Training Implementation
  • Test Script Development
  • Test Automation Consulting

Bronze Pack

(For Starters)

Term: 2 Weeks
  • 1 Day Training
  • Test Script Development
  • Test Automation Consulting

Custom Pack

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