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Web UI & Functional Test Automation for Continuous Agile Deliveries

80% of applications are repudiated due to problematic UI and non-functional front-ends. Moreover, functional issues and downtime further can create several challenges to deliver sophisticated web applications in continuous agile cycles. Test automation is the fastest and easiest way to identify performance bottlenecks in applications arising out of the UI and front-end errors and ensure continuous delivery in agile cycles.

View this recorded webinar which takes you through important and actionable steps to get started with automated web UI testing and functional test automation of Web apps to ensure continuous deliveries in agile sprints.

Topics Covered

  • How to implement Automated Web UI Testing & Functional Test Automation to achieve agile & continuous delivery processes
  • How to run parallel & distributed tests to speed up the agile deliveries
  • How to test application’s responsiveness across multiple web and mobile browsers
  • How to ensure zero infra testing with Cloud execution
  • How to create true Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI-CD)
  • How to create and maintain GUI and functional tests for further reusability

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