Test Smart & Effectively with TestingWhiz Version 5.0 (Jupiter)

You know you are not testing smart and effectively if you are facing any of the below challenges:

  • Inability to test at the speed of DevOps and Agile cycles
  • Difficulty in scaling thousands of tests across different environments
  • Problems in generating and maintaining millions of test data
  • Failure to track application quality metrics and ensure it works in CI-CD cycles
Watch this webinar recording which will take you through proven approaches to testing smart and effectively leveraging the features of TestingWhiz 5.0 Jupiter and solve the above testing challenges.


  • Cloud Execution to scale test automation bandwidth.
  • Automatic Test Data Generation with test data management.
  • Headless Testing on Continuous Integration environments.
  • Digging deeper into BI Analytics with Mongo DB support.
  • Execution over Firefox Profile for personalized testing.
  • Gaining useful insights with Smart & Robust reporting.

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