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Next Step in Your Test Automation Cycle: Testing Databases and Web Services

Date: 17th June, 2015

Everyone knows that Testing the UI, Functions and Front-end are a crucial part for an application. But what transpires to the front-end when you miss your application’s core, Back-end, Services & Database?

In this age, wherein we verbalize about data in terabytes, it is arduous to build testing strategies predicated on manual testing of the Backend, Web Services and Database. There has to be a more efficient way of testing the core of the application.


  • What is Back-End testing & why it is important?
  • Current scope of Test Automation Strategy
  • Inclusion of Back-End Testing (DB, Web Services, Job Processing)
    • Benefits

Who should know it?

Test Automation Experts, database Testers, CIOs, CTO, Product Technical Managers, Engineering Managers, Test Managers, Test Automation Engineers, Database Administrators, BI & ETL Developers, EDW Experts

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