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FUTURE of Test Automation

Webinar Conducted on -

Date: 29th Sept, 2021

Time: 4:00 PM EST

Testing has always been a tedious job. Developers have always been in a dilemma regarding which framework to be used for testing and what test cases are to be automated. Get all your answers, and Know-how test automation has evolved during the past few years and what the future holds for the testing domain. In this webinar, Cygnet Infotech’s experts will enlighten tech professionals with various concepts and trends flowing in the world of test automation while demonstrating the capabilities and future of Cygnet Infotech’s codeless test automation tool – TestingWhiz.

Highlights of the webinar

  • Showcase how test cases and testing practices have evolved over the years
  • Future of Validation: Various test validation trends and future of smart validation
  • What does the future hold for test execution platforms?
  • How can test automation tools can make reporting accurate and cost-effective with the help of AI?

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