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Delivering Applications in the Pink of Health with
End-to-End Test Automation

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Confirming an application’s health from end-to-end perspectives is critical for QA enterprises and test engineers. However, with frequent code changes, third-party integrations and new feature development in Agile and DevOps cycle, performing end-to-end testing manually can be a tall order since it involves risks of delays and increased costs.

Watch this webinar recording that takes you through the nuances of end-to-end test automation to help you validate your application right from front-end to all the way to its final endpoints and ensure it is in the pink of health.


  • Testing front-end & UI to ensure accurate interactions and experience across different environments
  • Validating application database and back-end operations
  • Testing business logic for validating application’s behavior across different protocols
  • Verifying application response over different APIs and verifying corresponding application processes
  • Testing application architecture and multi-tier workflows in Continuous Integration cycle
  • Case Studies


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