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API Test Automation Best Practices for Continuous Business Connectivity

With the rise of digital technologies, enterprises are increasingly using APIs to integrate systems and apps for performing business-critical functions. Since APIs are rapidly becoming a technology enabler to broaden business connectivity across devices and networks, it is quite important to ensure that these API services are functional, scalable, consistent and secure.

So how to confirm API-readiness of connected business systems and ensure continuous delivery of expected results?

This webinar takes you through the best practices of API test automation for ensuring continuous business connectivity involving REST & SOAP APIs. It also explains how to perform right API testing to deliver high-quality digital experiences and reduce enterprise-wide integration issues.

Webinar Topics
  • Defining robust API testing strategy against realistic network condition, environment, and bandwidth.
  • Checking API performance and scalability within private as well as public servers for performing business-critical transactions
  • Validating API response time & monitoring API interaction with connected tools, applications and backend systems.
  • Ensuring API messaging quality over JSON & XML throughout design, development and integration stages.
  • Running automated API regression testing via continuous integration systems.

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