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7 Essentials to Pragmatic Web Test Automation

You know you are not testing your web applications rightly if you are experiencing any of the below difficulties:

  • Inability to accelerate application releases in continuous integration cycles
  • Difficulty in testing applications with complex architectures and loosely coupled codes
  • Problems in optimizing quality of your application with minimum investments
  • Difficulty in reducing overheads of regression automation cycles

So how to perform web test automation like a pro with diligence and get off on the right foot?

Watch this webinar recording to learn the essentials and right steps to pragmatic web test automation and ensure you meet the required quality and release deadlines in agile cycles with step-by-step guidance, making the most of the test automation investment.


  • Plan and execute web test automation against real scenarios and behavior
  • Run test automation after daily code commits
  • Reduce test execution time and improve test coverage
  • Check browsers & platform compatibility at minimum costs
  • Find, report & fix bugs early in the process
  • Repurpose test scripts for optimized test automation effort
  • Report crucial issues to drive performance metrics and team productivity

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