The test reports will be stored in “C:\Users\< username >\.whiz\reports” on the user's machine

Log a Defect

If Test Case fails during execution, the user can Log a Defect using Bug Tracking Tool (Mantis/Jira/FogBugz).

This feature will function only if a user has set Bug Tracking Tool credentials in the Configuration section

Steps and Configurations

1. Click on from the Tool Bar

2. Select the Bug Tracking Tool & URL from the drop-down and click Connect

Bug Tracker

3. After successful connection, Post Bug screen will be displayed as shown below

Post a Bug

4. Select the respective Test Case from the left panel

Select a Project Name

5. Select Project Name from the drop-down

6. Enter the Summary

7. Select the Severity and Priority from the drop-down

Select a Severity

Build Details in Report

Now, user will get build information of TestingWhiz incorporated in the Test Report at the bottom. The Project Details page with the build information will be displayed when user accesses the Test Reports.

Select a Priority

8. Select the Assignee from the drop-down

9. Enter the detailed information about a bug into Description

10. Click on Submit button and a Ticket ID will be generated

11. Click Yes, to post another bug for the same Test Case

The user can post the same bug only once.
To prevent a duplication of bugs, the Submit button will be disabled in the Post Bug Window.

Ticket ID

Email Report

The user can send Test Reports via Email

Steps & Configurations

1. Click from the Tool Bar

2. Enter recipients email id in the To field

3. Enter Subject and Message Content and click to send the report

Email Report

Sending email after Execution of Build test scripts gets complete

Using this feature user gets to share the report via email after every execution automatically.

Here are the steps to use the command:

1. Open Settings from the menu bar and go to Configuration

Setting > Configuration

2. Select Mail, from the left navigation menu

3. Fill in the required details to set-up email configurations

Mail Configuration

4. To activate auto email, go to Configuration under Setting

3. Go to Report and check- “Auto Send Mail Report"
Note: This option appears only after successful configuration.

Auto Sent Mail Report

WhatsApp Report

The user can receive instant test report execution status summary on the configured WhatsApp number.

Instant WhatsApp Test Execution Summary

The user must have Twilio account to send the report status to WhatsApp number.

Steps and Configurations

1. Twilio Account Setup Process

  • Create Twilio account from this link

  • After creating the account:Then the user will have to purchase a number from the Twilio site.

  • The number which the user buys from Twilio is your FROMWHATSAPPNUMBER to be added in the TestingWhiz configuration.

  • You can send messages to verified numbers in Twilio.

  • Follow below steps to verify the numbers in which you need to send WhatsApp message:

Sandbox Participants

  • Invite members to connect with your WhatsApp number.

  • For example, tell your members to save your Twilio number. Then your member will send the code to configure. See below screenshot for reference:

    Verification Code on WhatsApp

  • From the above screenshot as you can see the member has sent a message to Twilio user for e.g. join author-turn in our case and Twilio sandbox configuration is done. Now, you can receive a WhatsApp message from the Twilio user.

2. TestingWhiz WhatsApp Configuration

TestingWhiz WhatsApp Configuration
  • Open TestingWhiz.
  • Go to Settings->Configuration->WhatApp->Twilio.
  • Click on Add the Alias name of your choice.
  • Then enter Auth_SID and Auth_token from your Twilio account.
  • Add your Twilio number as FROMWHATSAPP.
  • Add your verified member number in TOWHATSAPP.
  • Click on Test Connection.
  • After establishing a successful connection, the user will receive a message on the WhatsApp configured number“Hello! Welcome to Testing-whiz.”
  • After receiving the message on WhatsApp, click on Apply and then OK and close the configuration.
    Please check the configuration again carefully, if you do not receive the welcome message.
  • To send the report on WhatsApp:

    Send Report Status to WhatsApp
  • After execution, click on the WhatsApp icon in Report.
  • Select Alias and click on the Send button to send the report status.

Now, you're all set!

RTM report

1.Right click on the Test-Case/Test-Suite to be executed and go to properties to provide the Requirement Id other test information.

Fig: Requirement needs to be filled for RTM

2.After execution gets complete, click on RTM Report icon, found next to whatsapp icon.

Fig: RTM icon

3.Browse destination directory location.

4.Click on Save button. This downloads the RTM on your local system.

Fig: set the path to save the report

Note- To get proper report data provide the Requirement Id in test-cases. The grouping of report data is based on test-suite and Requirement Id.