The test reports will be stored in “C:\Users\< username >\.whiz\reports” on the user's machine

Log a Defect

If Test Case fails during execution, the user can Log a Defect using Bug Tracking Tool (Mantis/Jira/FogBugz).

This feature will function only if a user has set Bug Tracking Tool credentials in the Configuration section

Steps & Configurations

1. Click on from the Tool Bar

2. Select the Bug Tracking Tool & URL from the drop-down and click Connect

Bug Tracker

3. After successful connection, Post Bug screen will be displayed as shown below

Post a Bug

4. Select the respective Test Case from the left panel

Select a Project Name

5. Select Project Name from the drop-down

6. Enter the Summary

7. Select the Severity and Priority from the drop-down

Select a Severity

Select a Priority

8. Select the Assignee from the drop-down

9. Enter the detailed information about a bug into Description

10. Click on Submit button and a Ticket ID will be generated

11. Click Yes, to post another bug for the same Test Case

The user can post the same bug only once.
To prevent a duplication of bugs, the Submit button will be disabled in the Post Bug Window.
Ticket ID

Email Report

The user can send Test Reports via Email

Steps & Configurations

1. Click from the Tool Bar

2. Enter recipients email id in the To field

3. Enter Subject and Message Content and click to send the report

Email Report