Copy Selected Steps

Add Method

3. Enter the Name of the Method (E.g. Login) and add Parameter Value (E.g. Data)

Enter Name and Parameter(s)

4. If the user has copied the Test Steps, paste them into newly created method

Paste Copied Steps

Login Method

Call Method Step

5. Click Value in the corresponding cell and select Call Method from the drop-down (Select Login)

6. Enter Parameter Value and click Save

Pass Parameter

7. Add further steps to complete and execute the Test Script

The user can add N number of Methods.
Selecting a Call Method Test Command step from Text Editor and pressing F3 would open up the respective method.
A user can also call a method from any other .twiz file.
Users will now be able to move back from nested call methods using Key press command (shift +f3) for rich user experience

Data Tables

Data Table allows generating millions of test data automatically in seconds for building a reusable testing logic in automation scripts, reducing maintenance and improving test coverage.

Steps & Configurations

1. Select the Test Steps from the existing Test Script to group as a single Method

2. Either click on it or go to Data Table Tab → or right click on and click on

Data Table

3. Enter the Name for the Data Table and Number of Combination as per requirement

4. Click to add the Field Name and Select the Test Data Type as shown below

Enter Field Name & Data Type

5. Add Other Field Names as per requirements

Enter Details

6. Click OK

7. Random Test Data will be generated as shown below

Info Data Table

8. The user can also enter the Test Data manually

9. Set Number of Combination to 0 and add the fields into Data Table as shown above

10. Right-click in Text Editor area and click

11. Enter the Test Data and repeat the above step to add more details

Enter Data Manually

Accessing Data Table Values Without Loop

TestingWhiz allows users to access Data Table Values without a loop

Syntax to access Data Table Value without loop in value column of TestingWhiz commands is as follows:




Data Table Name: Employee

Column Name: (Employee’s) Name

If a user wants to access the 2nd row of employee 'Name' column from 'Employee' Data Table, then syntax will be:


Here, [2] represents an index value i.e. value will be fetched from the 2nd row of a Data table.
Indexing always starts from 0,1,2….
Option to move back from the method
Earlier, user had an option to move/traverse inside methods in TestingWhiz using F3 shortcut key. Now, user can easily move/traverse back from the method using Shift+F3 shortcut key.