Table 4 ‒ Test Project Functions

Right-click on Test Project to use Add, Edit, Paste, Rename, Team (Check-in, Check-out and Commit) functions

Add New Test Project

Refer Section - Create a New Test Project to learn more.

2. Data Table

Data Table is used to add/import multiple datasets and input values for execution of Test Case(s).

Menu Tab → Data Table

To add new Data Table for inserting Test Data
To remove a particular Data Table containing Test Data
Table 5 ‒ Data Table Functions

Right click on Data Table to add new Data Table

Add New Data Table

Refer Section - Data Table to learn more.

3. Objects

Object displays the repository of Test Objects.


To add new Object Properties
To remove particular Object Properties
To clean up existing Test Objects
Table 6 ‒ Object Functions

Added functionality to import/export object repository (.twizxobj) file which will allow user to use objects individually for any project