Image Comparison

TestingWhiz helps users to compare two images and records the difference at the pixel level. TestingWhiz automatically converts a particular web page into an image to carry out the comparison.

Targeted images show the difference in (%) value

TestingWhiz only supports Image File formats – PNG, JPG, BMP, and GIF.

  • Image comparison of the same file extension will be possible.
  • It will only compare the color between two source files.

There are 3 ways to compare an image in Pixel by Pixel format

1. Image to Image Comparison

2. Image to URL Comparison

3. URL to URL Comparison

Steps & Configurations

1. Create a New Test Case under a Test Suite

2. Add a New Test Step as Loop Start in the Test Editor tab

3. Click from Value column and select Data Table as Google

4. Choose between Standard Loop and Custom Loop

5. In Custom Loop option, the user has to define Start and End Index

6. Click Save

Image Comparison

7. Add a New Test Step as Check and add Action as Image in the Test Editor tab

8. Click from Value column and enter Source 1, Source 2 and Tolerance details in “Compare Image Test Command” dialog box

9. Enter ${Google.URL} in Source 1 box

10. Enter in Source 2 box

11. Setup Tolerance level which a user wants to check the similarities in Tolerance box

Tolerance level will be in (%) value.

12. Click Save

Enter Details

13. Add a Next Test Step as Loop End in the Test Editor tab

14. Execute Test Script in any browser

15. After execution, the user can view detailed logs in the generated report

Project Summary

16. Click to view the Image Comparison Report

Image Comparison Details

17. Click to Zoom In

18. Click to Zoom Out

19. Click to view Original Image

20. Click to view images

21. Click on to view the compared images

Source & Target Image Comparison

22. The user can also view Target images in whiz folder C:\Users\testingwhiz\.whiz


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