Text File

This command helps users to read/write data from text file and store it a target variable for automation testing

Import From Text File

INI File

It allows user to import data from an INI file and store in a variable.

fig: INI import Test Command

1.Look for INI file in the test command search box

2.Double click to open the command in editor

3.Click on the edit icon in the ‘Value’ column against the test command, to add further details

Fig: INI file import test command details

4.To successfully import the file, user needs to provide following input

a.Source File Path: location of the file where it is currently stored

b.Target Data Table: data table where file data to be stored. User can choose an already existing data table or create new one.

c.Timeout: the duration after which the command gets ineffective/cancelled.

3. OCR

It allows extracting the text or numbers from an Image using intelligent Google vision. Using Google Vision and Tesseract user will be able to detect and extract text from images and store it in a target variable reducing the need for keying in Data

1. Tesseract: This command allows you to extract text from Image using Tesseract

2. Google Vision: This command allows you to extract text from Image using Google vision API


OCR using Google vision API

4. Integrated PDF Command

The PDF Compare Test Command allows the user to compare PDF documents both in text as well as visual mode and get the result in percentage  (%) and count of differences which is highlighted in the PDF files.

1. Select Option That You Need – Text Mode or Visual Mode

PDF Text or Visual Compare Command

2. Extract Selected Text from PDF

This command allows user to extract selected text from PDF file.

✔ It also allows you to extract text from scanned Images in PDF using OCR (Google vision or Tesseract) functionality.

PDF Data Extraction Dialog

3. PDF to Text

This command allows user to extract entire page text of the PDF file and store it in a variable based on the page range defined.

PDF to Text

4. Extract Images from PDF

This feature will allow user to extract all the images from PDF and Save it in a selected folder.

✔ The extracted images will be saved with Image name appended with the PDF name and Sr Number

✔ Using this command, the user can easily compare only images present in the PDF files and get instant results.

Extract Images from PDF

5. Integrated Excel Commands

1. Open Spreadsheet

This command allows user to read/write data from excel in order to perform various validations/operations on the excel data during script execution.

Using this command, the user can perform multiple validations/operations while testing. 

For e.g.

✔ PDF to Excel Data Extraction

✔ Data Entry Automation

✔ Read/Write Excel Data

Excel Open Spreadsheet Test Command

2. Close Spreadsheet

This command allows the user to save and close the spreadsheet after execution.

Excel Close Spreadsheet Test Command

3. Get Cell

This command allows the user to get the cell value from the Excel file and store it as a variable to use it for further operations.

Excel Get Cell Test Command

4. Set Cell

This command helps the user to write values in the excel file and save the changes for further operations.

Excel Close Spreadsheet Test Command