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Released TestingWhiz Version 7.2.0 (Uranus)

Ahmedabad, India; Nov. 10, 2020: Cygnet Infotech’s ultimate codeless test automation tool, TestingWhiz now makes your Test Automation woes disappear with a much more improved User Experience.

Mr. Keval Hutheesing – the Assistant Vice President for Strategic Initiatives at Cygnet says “CIOs globally have prioritised testing automation to improve quality of digital assets and increase efficiency of development teams. TestingWhiz supports CIOs in this endeavour by providing more features such as Accessibility Testing, Re-Run Failed TestCases and Shareable Object Repository in its latest release.”

Team TestingWhiz now fires up your favorite Test Automation Tool with an envious arsenal of exciting new features, enhancements and bug fixes. TestingWhiz has released the latest version 7.2.0 (Uranus) on Nov 10th 2020.

Some exciting features in this major release include:

  • Recovery scenarios to the users: This functionality will allow users to add any method as a recovery scenario in the testcase, which will execute if the testcase contains error or if it is failed
  • Re-run failed testcases: To enable re-execution of failed testcases based on the number of count (1 to 5) defined by the user
  • Accessibility testing: Added command which will allow user to automate accessibility checker for a particular website, where in it will check if the website is following WCAG 2.0 (Level AA) standards
  • Shareable object repository: Added functionality to import/export object repository (.twizxobj) file
  • Support for file upload in Webservice: This will allow user to add API ( as a file data type) for webservice automation
  • Provided Validation while recording: To add validation in the Script such as check , verify while recording
  • Provided functionality to export Datable to JSON format
  • Automate API with different formats: Provided Flexibility to automate APIs where Body content is provided in below formats:
    1. 1. form-data
    2. 2. x-www-form-urlencoded

And much more… Know it all at: 7.2.0 (Uranus)

Speaking about the new version, Mr. Vivek Mishra – the Assistant Vice President at TestingWhiz,, says,

“Test Automation is must nowadays & with our new version release of TestingWhiz 7.2.0 we are now able to cater the "Accessibility testing " needs as well incorporate the enhanced "Recovery Scenario" feature too. We have incorporated the Python support too for Data Analysis and Siebel/SAP Support and quickly inclining towards the goal of Best AI testing tool too." 

Whereas Mr. Balbodh Jha – the Product Lead of TestingWhiz, says,

“Biggest leap for an incremental update in terms of features to make your test case execution more robust. Each and every type of testing is now enriched with more enhancements to provide seamless automation experience taking user experience to next level.”

To learn more about TestingWhiz version 7.2.0Download Now.

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