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Released TestingWhiz Version 7.0 (Uranus)

TestingWhiz is known for its commitment in providing ground-breaking, automated software testing solutions. We have released TestingWhiz 7.0 (Uranus) for users who are well prepared with the most immense and appealing features with the support of top-notch process automation platform.

TestingWhiz Version 7.0 is well designated with new and innovative augmentations that will allow the testers to track, monitor, and store all the data with an ease.

Few additional features includes:

  • Integrated OCR Capability: Using Google vision and Tesseract user will be able to detect and extract text from Images.
  • Integrated PDF and Excel Commands: Using PDF & Excel commands user will be able to easily automate routine processes related to file operations.
  • Integrated Python Editor: Allow user to create new python script to make the tool capable to handle out-of-the-box scenarios
  • Integrated Mobile Recorder: Integrated Mobile Recorder to automate test recording on multiple mobile applications/devices
  • Added Dependency Execution: Manage one-to-one dependencies between various test cases
  • Export TestingWhiz Report to PDF: User will be able to select the Status of the Test cases and export the PDF report based on the selected status.
  • Test Case Execution for Chrome Headless and Firefox Headless Browsers: To run test cases more quickly in a real browser environment.

Speaking about the new version, Mr. Vivek Mishra – the Assistant Vice President - Technology and Solutions, says,

"Understanding the trend of moving towards process automation, we have embarked our journey towards Robotic Process Automation. This really helps users to open up various other aspects of saving overall operation cost, on daily routine basis. Already proven approach of Codeless Test Automation with TestingWhiz proves as a base for RPA which is an ever-growing technology. We would definitely welcome all to the world of RPA."

Whereas Mr. Balbodh Jha – the Product Lead of TestingWhiz, says,

"With TestingWhiz 7.0 we are adding more stability and reliability to the product along-with some amazing new features. We have implemented the multiple feature requests from our client base such as Mobile Recorder & Test Case Dependency to our feature list. The new release aims to create a new user base with new features along-with winning the hearts on stability with our amazing customers."

To learn more about TestingWhiz Version 7.0Download Complete Release Notes

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