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Released TestingWhiz Version 5.3

It gives us immense pleasure to announce the release of TestingWhiz version 5.3 on 22nd May 2017.

This version comes with various features and enhancements to make this solution, more powerful. After the major release of Version 5.0, this update is said to be more performance-oriented that will help our existing as well as new customers to ease their complex test automation requirements.

  • Automation of Chrome Extensions: This feature allows users to automate testing of various Google Chrome Extensions.
  • Web & Mobile App Testing via Coordinates: With this feature, the users can easily automate web and mobile application testing by defining their X & Y coordinates. For this, there are 3 new test commands – Get, Tap & Click.
  • UI Validation using CSS Checkpoints: Testers working on web UI automation testing can now test UIs and front-end with the help of CSS elements and checkpoints with this update.
  • File Existence and Comparison Checkpoints: With this feature, now the user will be able to check whether a file exists in the local system with the help of the new File commands. Also, the difference between the 2 different files will be verified with a new command
  • Extensively Accessible Call Methods: In the earlier versions, the Call Methods used to be applied only to the test projects that they belonged to. But, with this version, testers can now access and apply the Call Methods to any test project.
  • Dynamic Validation of Drop-Downs: To manage accurate validations, users can now fetch drop-down values to test various web properties and pages.
  • XML File Parsing: With the new version, the users can now read and test queries of the web services and data from multiple data sources through XML Files.
  • New Keyboard Shortcuts: The new version comes up with various new keyboard shortcuts that will make the tool simpler and easy-to-access to perform most important test operations.

Apart from the features, TestingWhiz version 5.3 has many new test commands which will work as an additional support to the testers. Also, for better test automation experience, we have made several performance-based enhancements and bug fixes in this new version.

Speaking about the new version, Mr. Premal Dave – the Assistant Vice President at TestingWhiz, said, “We have made some logical enhancements in the tool to serve the requirements of our new as well existing customers. We anticipate that the new version will be liked by users and it will add great value to their test automation program.” Download Now

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