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Released TestingWhiz Version 5.2

We are glad to announce the release of TestingWhiz version 5.2 on 30th Nov 2016.

This version envelops several enhancements and fixes to make the solution more robust. Being the 2nd update after the major release of Jupiter 5.0, this version promises to provide easier and effective test automation experience with some key features that have been introduced such as:

  • Advanced Support for Hybrid Application: Provides an advanced support for hybrid applications that allows switching context between native and hybrid apps for faster testing.
  • FTP Log Scanning: This feature helps checking and scanning logs stored in the backend server to help users identify the cause of a specific problem/issue in the application
  • Text Validation via Recorder: Comes with a feature to validate text while recording by pressing F4. In addition, pressing F8 and F9 while recording process will help Verify and Click text respectively.
  • Element Identification Under Tag: This feature helps evaluate page elements under different tags to add different data value in the data-table for testing purpose.
  • Multiple Headers Validation via REST: The new version also comes with a feature to validate multiple header values for REST web service during API testing.

Besides these, TestingWhiz 5.2 features some great improvements to deliver better test automation experience to users.

“With the release of TestingWhiz 5.2, we look forward to addressing wider test automation requirements since it comes with several fixes and features that promises to make test automation more productive for users.” – said Mr. Premal Dave, the General Manager at TestingWhiz.

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