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ReleaseD TestingWhiz Version 5.1

We are glad to release TestingWhiz Version 5.1.

The new version comes with several enhancements and updates that complement the previous version i.e. Version 5.0 – Jupiter which was released in March 2016.

Also, there are many additions to the features to make test automation easier and effective which includes the following:

  • Recorder for Windows 10: The  new version features an internal recorder for Windows 10 to support recording of https websites and hybrid applications.
  • Visual Recorder: It also provides a visual recorder to automate testing of desktop applications, flash applications, games, and widgets.
  • IOS Mobile Native & Web Execution: With version 5.1, users get support to execute testing of iOS native app and iOS web app testing on devices as well as simulators.
  • JavaScript Editor: This feature allows users to access variable values of a test case and fetch data from anywhere to input variable command.
  • RESTful Connector: It now supports RESTful connector to post defects in Jira and supports all latest editions of Jira.
  • New Command>File: The new version features a new command titled 'File' which allow users to perform operations like Save, Move, Copy & Erase in web applications and handle content verification scenarios while testing applications.
  • Dynamic Test Cases: The new version allows variable in JavaScript for more robust and dynamic test case preparation.
  • Java 8 Upgrade: TestingWhiz 5.1 comes upgraded with Java 8 for better performance and scalability.
  • Eclipse RCP Upgrade: It also comes upgraded with the latest version of Eclipse RCP for better stability & security.
  • Object Resolution with CSS Path: A feature of Object Resolution with CSS path also has been added to enhance object identification at runtime.
  • Object handling: A capability to define own objects and also change existing locators also has been provided in Version 5.1.

Besides the above updates, TestingWhiz version 5.1 features several enhancements, UI improvements, security features and bug fixes to provide seamless testing experience to users.

Speaking about the new version, Mr. Premal Dave - the General Manager of TestingWhiz said, “While there are many feature additions in TestingWhiz 5.1, there are quite a lot of enhancements that aim to fill the gaps of the existing build and help testers with smarter and effective test automation.

With this new upgrade, we look forward to addressing a wider scope of test automation and help users address their test automation requirements more effectively.

To experience smarter and effective test automation, Download TestingWhiz Version 5.1

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