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TestingWhiz featured on TechTarget

TechTarget, a leading provider of  online content for technology buyers and decision makers, featured TestingWhiz in one of its coverages under Software Quality section

In the research on test script automation or security testing skills, TechTarget mentioned about TestingWhiz's scriptless test automation when interviewed about the latest knowledge, skills and abilities for QA jobs.

"Testers should focus on testing, not on writing code to test something," said Premal Dave, business development manager for the software consultancy TestingWhiz, in Paramus NJ.

The coverage also mentioned opinions of TestingWhiz's QA Manager

"You have to be able to communicate, analyze what you hear, and think about it for a while,. The mindset to accommodate change," is among the most important skills a software tester can have. "You have to be able to accept change at any moment, and direct your efforts in the proper direction." said Dakshesh Shah.

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