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TestingWhiz featured as 'Product of the Month' by SiliconIndia

TestingWhiz, a test automation tool developed by Cygnet Infotech, has been selected as the Product of the Month by SiliconIndia Magazine. SiliconIndia is one of the leading technology magazines in India with a network of over 5 million Indian professionals and is one of the most popular sources of news and information on the Indian IT industry. The magazine is renowned as the biggest producer of tech news in India, and its team of experienced professionals have the ability to sniff out the most promising IT news, projects and products.

While the market is replete with all kinds of advanced software testing tools, there aren’t many affordable test automation tools that offer intuitive and codeless testing. TestingWhiz™ includes a codeless test editor and an intuitive UI that enable even non-technical personnel to use a wide range of test commands to create advanced test automation scripts.

TestingWhiz - Product of the Month SiliconIndia

SiliconIndia awarded the Product of the Month title to TestingWhiz™ due to its time-saving features that speed up and simplify automated testing, and due to the growing popularity of the product locally and internationally. The tool offers great value to businesses as well as testers by speeding up the testing process by as much as five times, and by removing most common manual errors through automation.

Are you a software tester looking for a codeless test automation tool to simplify and speed up your testing processes? Are you looking for a tool that business users and laymen can also use with minimum training and without investing significant time and effort?

TestingWhiz may be the perfect fit for your needs! Why not try it out for free

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TestingWhiz is committed to provide an innovative and automated software testing solution to the global enterprises and software companies for their web, mobile and cloud applications.


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