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TestingWhiz 6.1.1 Release Notes

New Features

  • A new command to test Database stored procedure. Now have seamless provision of In and Out parameters
  • Reserved Variables: Added support to reference current test case, current test suite and test project being executed using ${CURRENT_CASE}, ${CURRENT_SUITE} and ${CURRENT_PROJECT}

Improvements and Enhancements

  • Added support for Google chrome execution with add-on over BrowserStack
  • Performance improvements for TestingWhiz data tables
  • Added support for variable and data table reference in mobile:scroll & mobile:scroll to exact commands

Bug Fixes

  • Variables evaluating to wrong values for specific conditions in methods
  • Consistent behavior for local and global variables when referred in multi-level hierarchy
  • Report : Steps & Logs are not being generated in Report with specific cases
  • Write Message to Report: Doesn't print concatenated string with Method parameter
  • Script execution over Jenkins fails because of variable scope within the script (Works fine when executed manually)

Browser Support

  • Internet Explorer: Version 9 and higher
  • Mozilla Firefox: Version 55 and higher
  • Google Chrome: Version 65 and higher
  • Microsoft Edge Version 38 and higher
  • Headless Version 2

Updates to System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7 and higher
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later
  • RAM: 2 GB (4 GB Recommended)
  • Free Disk Space: 2 GB
  • Java Version: JRE 8 or later
  • IE: 9.0 or later

Android Platform Support

  • Jelly Bean (4.3)
  • KitKat (4.4)
  • Lollipop (5.0.x)
  • Marshmallow (6.x)
  • Nougat 7.x
  • Oreo 8.0-8.1

iOS Platform Support

  • IOS 9.3 to 11.x

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