TestingWhiz 5.0 Release Notes

New Features

  • Automated Test Data Generation.
  • Headless testing support.
  • Support for Cloud execution over Sauce Labs and BrowserStack.
  • Execution over Firefox profile.
  • Auto record of Wait for Element command.
  • Support to store execution logs in MongoDB database.
  • New Methods to wait for page to load.
  • Native mobile app support for Android.
  • Support for Edge execution

Improvements and Enhancements

  • Improved performance.
  • New and robust reporting structure.
  • Enhanced Web service commands to accept variable/datatable values to make them dynamic.
  • Improved French translations for labels, errors, and messages.
  • Support for capture webscreen to save captured image in disk location.
  • Improved Get Elements operation to have generalized element support.
  • Improved execution logs for more detailed view.
  • Improved Image Comparison view.
  • Improved Database Comparison view.
  • Improved Variable view.
  • Variable & Parameter Reference in 'Object' column to support dynamic values (reference from data table and variable).
  • Enhanced FTP -> Upload and FTP -> Download to support timeout.
  • Improved JSON/XML parsing handles, more flexibility with QA offered now to handle the failure.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue of browser instantiation unless actually required.
  • Resolved the issue of Objects creation when object eye flag is turned off.
  • Resolved the failure issue of Check -> Visible and Check -> Invisible command on a specific scenario.
  • Resolved issue where users were not able to open schedule report from schedule history dialog box.
  • Fixed issue of Copy/Paste Test Suite in a specific scenario.
  • Resolved the issue where Execute option was not visible on test case level for a specific scenario.
  • Fixed broken sample for SOAP web service.
  • Resolved issue of Get -> Attribute command in specific cases.
  • Fixed execution failure issue when the user executes with browser not available or higher version is installed.
  • Resolved issue in Wait for Element and Wait for Time command to override system timeout as per user specification.
  • Fixed UI issues for test editor view for disabled icons.

Browser Support

  • Internet Explorer: Version 9, 10 and 11
  • Mozilla Firefox: Version 3.6 to Version 45
  • Google Chrome: Version 46 to Version 50
  • Apple Safari: Version 5.x
  • Microsoft Edge

[Note: Selenium web driver extension required to execute scripts on Apple Safari]

Updates to System Requirements

  • Operating System : Windows XP/ Windows Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Window 10/
  • Processor : Intel Pentium 4 or later
  • RAM : 1 GB (2 GB Recommended)
  • Free Disk Space : 500 MB
  • Java Version : JRE 7 or later

Android Platform Support

  • Gingerbread (2.3.x)
  • Honeycomb (3.x)
  • Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0.x)
  • Jelly Bean (4.3)
  • KitKat (4.4)
  • Lollipop (5.0.x)
  • Marshmallow (6.0)

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