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A UK-based Educational Board tested its Web Based Review System

About the Client

The client is an educational board of UK providing GCSE and A-level certifications recognized for secondary schools and colleges of England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

It has a huge staff comprising Qualification Examiners who conduct performance reviews of teachers by collecting review forms from them every year. The forms comprise of questions related to courses and syllabus. The review forms submitted by the teachers are then assessed by the Qualification Examiners at the client side based on which they provide the final performance report. Since all the institutes are dispersed at various geographical locations, the Qualification Examiners at the client side find it difficult to collect reviews from the teachers. To facilitate this process quickly, the client developed an Online (Web-based) Review System.

About the System

The Review System as mentioned above is a web-based system which enables Qualification Examiners at the client side to collect feedback from the teachers and respective authorities and conduct performance reviews. It has inbuilt forms and questions created by the System Administrator.

The system works by sending notifications to the Principals and other authorities to submit reviews and feedbacks for which it also sends reminders of due dates in case the reviews are not submitted within the given time-limit. The completed reviews are then automatically stored in the Review System which is then accessed by the Qualification Examiners for creating yearly performance reports.


The client’s Review system was fully functional however, the QA team at the client side wanted to test the system for quality purpose and also wanted to determine the responsiveness of the system during peak loads. But owing to other important work processes, the QA team was not able to dedicatedly invest time in testing it. Hence, they were looking for a reliable test automation tool which could not only test the inbuilt functionalities but also ensure that the whole process of collecting, storing and disseminating reviews, work seamlessly without significant manual intervention.

The client learnt about TestingWhiz and after evaluating its features like codeless architecture and ready-made test commands, they decided to deploy it to test their Review System.

The Solution

With TestingWhizTM, the client received a dedicated platform to independently test the Review System and make it more effective.

Here are some key areas and processes of testing which were automated using TestingWhiz.

  • Using TestingWhiz, the client’s QA team automated the lengthy process of testing the “Upload Functionality’ of documents. This was done across all the leading browsers. This helped in identifying the type of documents and browsers that the Review system could supportand make necessary updates.
  • With TestingWhiz, the QA team also automated the process of adding, editing and deleting users and associated roles. This helped in testing the system access rights with all the combination of ‘usernames’ and ‘passwords’ and identifying the issues quickly.
  • The QA team also identified ‘hidden elements’ in the HTML part which was difficult to do manually.
  • TestingWhiz also helped in performing regression testing of the system after every iteration and changes in the system. This helped in saving enormous time and effort.
  • TestingWhiz also helped in verifying whether a click on certain buttons invoked correct pre-defined messages on the screen.

The Result

TestingWhizTM enabled the client to quickly determine various areas which required more attention to make the process of submitting reviews more effective. Moreover, it helped in releasing the internal resources to focus on important initiatives. Automation with TestingWhiz also helped in identifying the flaws in the review filling process which helped in directing suitable solutions and resources to resolve them.

The entire QA team at the client side now uses TestingWhiz to perform testing of every iteration which eventually helps in optimizing the performance of the Review System.

Client's Speak

"We wanted a tool that could not only provide us with the flexibility to test our system, but could also provide support, training and expertise to test the system independently. With TestingWhiz, we got this facility and capability to optimize our site performance and availed additional functionalities.”

“A powerful automation provided by TestingWhizTM, enabled our team to give a productive output.

The inbuilt scheduler of TestingWhizTM allowed us to perform and automate test scripts on non-working days reducing our manual testing efforts. I really appreciate TestingWhizTM team who helped us in making our system bug free.”

- Rashmi Chauhan, QA Engineer United Kingdom

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