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A leading IT company has deployed TestingWhiz for Automating Website Form Testing

About the Client

Cygnet Infotech is an IT solutions and services provider based in Ahmedabad, India. The company serves clients from across the world who contact Cygnet for their requirements via its contact us page. Since the contact us page is the gateway of prospective business, it was necessary to test its working from time to time to ensure people could contact Cygnet for their requirements without any errors in the form filling.


In order to test the contact form on the website, Cygnet required a dedicated tester engineer who manually performed the testing. However, the manual testing was a time consuming process and provided meager results. Marketing team decided to create an automated test case for Cygnet site contact us page to check the consistency on the real time.

The Solution

TestingWhiz known for its codeless architecture and a short learning curve was the best choice for Cygnet to automate its contact page testing. Marketing team learned and implemented the automation process of contact us page testing.

With TestingWhiz’s multiple browser support, it was easy for Cygnet to test the working of the page with a single command on each browser without the need to write long codes. Other features of TestingWhiz is Data-Driven Testing and Excel Integration. These features helped in importing test cases excel sheet comprising large number of databases (name, email id, contact number) and perform the datadriven testing in order to verify the records for correct and incorrect entries with the respective fields. Besides these, automation with TestingWhiz provided other additional benefits to Cygnet.

The Result

  • TestinWhiz Visual Logs allows to take screenshots of the form while testing. This helps in knowing the valid/invalid form entries that restricted customers from contacting Cygnet.
  • Inbuilt Scheduler allows scheduling the test scripts on selected day and time. This helps in testing the contact us page without manual intervention and customized reports can be emailed automatically to selected managers.

Client's Speak

“TestingWhiz has helped me tremendously in testing my website forms with every new release to the website and on all browsers. The best part of it is that I can make changes to the steps and test data myself without depending on a programmer.”

- Yogesh Lokhande, Marketing Manager, Cygnet Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

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