TestingWhiz integrates with popular tools, frameworks, databases and platforms for ensuring seamless automation and test case execution across different environments and conditions. With these integrations, TestingWhiz enables you to drive better connections across the technical architecture of your application and expand the automation horizons.

Some of the significant integrations that have been made available in TestingWhiz to provide effective automation experience to test engineers and QA managers are as listed below.

Test Management Tools

TestingWhiz integrates with leading Test Management tools to help you manage your test activities and enable you to drive better insights and reports from them to optimize the testing process. With this integration, TestingWhiz offers easy administration of test information such as test progress, bug handled, project tasks, etc. and ensure a high level of collaboration throughout the automation process.

Continuous Integration Tools

TestingWhiz seamlessly integrates with leading Continuous Integration tools like Jenkins and Bamboo to help you kick off automation of build deployment and testing on a continuous basis, accelerating your agile and regression release cycles. With integration to these CI tools, TestingWhiz makes test automation, bug identification and management easier and effective.

Bug Tracking Tools

With integration to the bug tracking tools, TestingWhiz allows you to submit bugs as and when they are encountered during the testing process. Thus, it helps report, track, move and fix bugs enabling your team to keep up with the product development process and regression testing cycles.


TestingWhiz comes integrated with databases to help you test database, configurations & form controls and ensure you validate the entire application core and workflow and not just the front-end. Furthermore, with integrations to a variety of databases, TestingWhiz helps you check data integrity and verify the health of databases used across your enterprises post migration and ETL process to drive effective insights.

Mobile Platforms

TestingWhiz’s integration with mobile platforms helps you test mobile native apps and mobile web apps on real devices and simulators to ensure accurate functioning of your apps across different devices, environments and operating systems

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