TestingWhiz Enterprise Edition Features

TestingWhiz Enterprise edition is suitable for large enterprise and distributed teams of testers. Find out the features of TestingWhiz Enterprise edition below:

Database Testing

TestingWhiz supports connectors to databases like Oracle, MsSQL, IBM DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Teradata(Beta) to help you test database, configurations & form controls and ensure your application is completely tested. You can do database testing by simply running queries by fetching the data from CSV or Excel to TestingWhiz.

Web Services Testing

TestingWhiz helps you perform automated web services testing to verify whether the web services communicate and access information from web as defined with support for SOAP and RESTful web services.

Continuous Server Integration

TestingWhiz allows users to execute Test Scripts on server via TestingWhiz CI plugins such as Jenkins or Bamboo.This lets you validate your application on regression cycles and provide reports to CI tools on a continuous basis.

Distributed Testing

TestingWhiz supports WhizGrid Distribution Testing which allows you to execute tests on multiple computers through a shared server or network without installing it on every single machine. Now run your automated scripts on multiple nodes in parallel to a centralized server and multiply your test efforts in a cost-efficient manner.

Web UI Comparison

With Web UI Comparison, you can easily capture two web interfaces, compare the result with the expected output and record pixel by pixel differences on the basis of custom defined tolerance level.

Integration with Bug Tracking Tools

TestingWhiz comes integrated with popular defect tracking tools – Atlassian JIRA, Mantis & Fog Creek FogBugz. Now push your defects directly to the bug tracking tool of your choice as and when you encounter them along with screenshots and easily track the issue status for seamless testing.

Integration with Test Management Tools

TestingWhiz also integrates leading Test Management Tools like HP Quality Center and TestLink to help you synchronize your test cases with it in real-time.

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