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Test Automation of Oracle ATG Web Commerce Platform to Improve Omni Channel Experience & Conversion Rates


TestingWhiz automated regression testing of an Oracle ATG Web Commerce platform for a US-based leading fashion online store to help them improve sales conversion ratio, reduce cart abandonment thereby improving their omni-channel experience.

About the Client

Established in 1981, the client is a global fashion establishment specializing in retail merchandise of designer handbags, luxury watches, accessories, clothing and more. The company sells its products through its globally spread-out physical outlets while it also sells online through a dynamic eCommerce store.

About Oracle ATG Web Commerce

Oracle ATG Commerce is an enterprise e-commerce solution that enables brands and retailers across the world to deliver a personalized and consistent customer buying experience across different touch points. It is built on a flexible, component-based e-commerce software architecture that automates online buying experience to increase online conversions and manage omni-channel experience.


The client company was finding it challenging to serve its online customers with the right product at the right time and deliver a personalized experience through its ecommerce store which was built on Oracle ATG Web Commerce platform. It led to several cart abandonments due to following challenges:

  • Frequent cart abandonments throughout the website.
  • Broken processes due to heavy traffic during seasons and peak hours.
  • Difficulties in checkout due to non-identification of stock out till the last stage of transactions.
  • UI issues across different devices and browsers.
  • Problematic selection and search process due to complicated product categorization.
  • Poor website navigation and inherited performance issues.


The client company was in need of a test automation assistance to improve and stabilize the overall site performance, keeping pace with the regression cycles. It was specifically looking to automate testing of the following to drive the eCommerce effectiveness across its entire store.

  • Automate regression testing of product pages, categories, navigation, layouts, & GUI elements.
  • Test the complex algorithms at the back-end and integration layers of the Oracle ATG application.
  • Verify the generic, device and browser specific issues.
  • Automate the testing of cart and checkout process.
  • Automate testing of CI-CD development with existing Oracle ATG architecture.


The client company identified TestingWhiz as an appropriate tool to test and optimize the Oracle ATG architecture and its related processes for, TestingWhiz was capable to test both front, back and integration layers. Plus, its FAST automation engine and codeless architecture could cut the automation time from months to weeks.

Here are the details of the solution addressed by TestingWhiz to test and enhance the performance of the client’s eCommerce engine and increase conversion rates:

  • Automated unit, functional, integration (end-to-end) regression testing of the Oracle application.
  • Built and automated 600 test cases for different test scenarios
  • Tested the application’s functionality across different browsers and devices using simulators and real devices to ensure UI responsiveness.
  • Isolated critical transactional workflows to create data-driven tests and ensure zero cart abandonment.
  • Pushed defects to defect management tool for quicker management and resolution of issues.


Within the span of 1 month, TestingWhiz could complete the automation of the client’s eCommerce store and deliver effective checkout and shopping experience to buyers. After utilizing TestingWhiz for test automation of its Oracle ATG application for its eCommerce store, the client company received following benefits:

  • 29% reduction in cart abandonment.
  • 33% increase in sales conversion ratio with agile merchandising and site administration.
  • 2X improvement in omni-channel experience with responsive front-ends.
  • Reduction in costs by 55% due to automation and scheduled execution of test suites during non-working hours.
  • Relevant product search and content display based on user profile.
  • Reduced identification errors of location and stock availability due to automation.
  • Less complicated and smoother purchasing processes due to optimized ATG architecture.
  • Better site usability, extensibility and consistency.

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