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Why You Need to Test Your Payment Gateway Process

August 6, 2019

Why You Need To Test Your Payment Gateway Process

Nowadays, people are well-versed with online transactions. Whenever we do transactions online through any platforms (e.g. eCommerce), there are payment processors who handle the transactions. The payment can be completed by sharing the payment information from entering the credit card/debit card details to wiring the payment from the customer’s bank to the merchant’s bank account.

We are aware of the popular payment processing companies operating in the United States such as PayPal or in India, the booming market for payment gateway processes such as CC Avenue, PayPal and digital wallets like PayU and Paytm. These types of transactions include a series of steps in which various stakeholders are involved at each step.

Payment Gateway Process

As seen in the image, the transaction gets completed after the merchant receives the payment when the buyer’s payment is processed from his card account to the merchant bank account. The entire process is seamless if it is properly tested before the deployment. You can also go through some of the key essentials keeping in mind while scheduling, documenting and implementing payment gateway testing.

Why you should Test the Payment Gateway before Deployment?

To facilitate the comfort of buying and selling procedure, the payment gateways need to be securely tested. When customers use their cards, the PoS (Point of Sale) machines decide whether the payment is successful or declined. However, while executing online transactions, a comparable system is needed which can approve or disapprove the transaction instantly and make the online payment procedure smooth. It can cause a problem for the merchant if any of these entities do not work as expected.

The job of the QA tester here is to test the system using software testing and make sure the payment system is able to complete the payment cycle (proceeding transactions from the online store, record and to authenticate refund) are working fine. The payment gateway needs to be checked at various parameters as seen in the table below:

Payment Gateway Testing Parameters

Quick Tips to Test the Payment Gateways with Software Testing:

Look out for the available isolated environment

Search for an isolated environment (for trial and examining purposes) that can be used for the Payment Gateway; it needs to be tested or instigated. Such an environment helps and gives the testers that extra flexibility to customize the tool and test in-depth as required.

End-to-end Testing

You must make sure that end-to-end transaction testing is done before the deployment cycle begins using software testing. In addition, find out the common bugs that are connected to data capture and data flow from the applications to the Payment Gateway.

Choose an issue resolver option

If in case the payment fails during the transaction for any kind of reason, the system should generate an appropriate message to the customer. For example, “There seems to be a technical issue in processing your transaction, please contact us at # (Customer Care Number)”. Always remember to test the notifications sent to the user when software testing as this enhances the customer experience to the next level.

Post-development verification

For this step, the business owner needs to initiate a live payment processor account and set up their Merchant ID. After setting that up, regression automation testing should be done on the payment processor before the application and payment processor integration is available for the larger public.

The most crucial element for any eCommerce platform is the module of the payment processor that is intended to accept payments from its users. Hence, it is important to test this factor carefully. User experience can be destructively affected if any setup is missed or any gap is left in the sales or transactions between the seller and the buyer.

Enterprises thus need to prepare or set up for the test environments and formulate a separate software testing strategy for both the test environment and live or post-production release environment.

This is just a good source to an organization of payment gateway testing. There are multiple things that come into comprehensive testing. The initial level testing should be properly organized and intercepted, and then you can drill deeper and recognize crucial areas of testing depending on the requirements.

If you are looking to test multiple aspects of payment gateway, then you can get the right automated testing tool such as TestingWhiz to solve all your further queries.


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