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Why is it Important to Have an Automation Strategy for Database Testing

June 5, 2015

The Need of Database Testing

Almost all software applications, whether web, desktop or cloud, utilize some sort of database. Testing these applications for seamless performance and operability while ignoring the back-end database is not enough. However, companies in the race of releasing software applications in the market, mostly cast away the process of testing the database.

Regression Testing

You know, database is the heart of any application. Moreover, with complex applications, the need to have a stronger and secure database increases. Hence, database testing is equally important for testing an application’s performance and functions.

However, the common practice of testing a data-intensive application involves utilizing a data examining tool which requires rounds of manual intervention. This limits a lot of productivity, which results in reducing the time-to-market.

Why You Need to Automate Database Testing

Considering the time and efforts involved in testing hundreds and thousands of SQL lines and codes manually and expecting to be ahead of release deadline makes no sense. To keep up with the quality and productivity at the same time in today’s agile market, experts suggest to implement automation testing for database.

How Database Automation Testing Benefits

  • Speeds up the cycle of testing creating a room to test large data sets
  • Processes complex transactional behaviors
  • Enables flexible deployment and operational capabilities

Although test automation promises to eliminate all the pains of manual testing, there are certain challenges faced by companies and test engineers in getting the most of their database testing.

Common Challenges of Performing Automated Database Testing

Difficulty in getting the same results for the same tests
Problems in ensuring consistent results – for e.g. false +ve or false -ve

While testing database, there can be a lot of overheads
Difficulty in testing database that is connected to the previously tested database

Slow execution time, takes long time to load

Synchronization with Distributed Systems:
Difficulty in synchronizing the database on cluster

Requires database professionals to control changes to the database schema and testing:
Developers, analysts and managers find them too difficult to work with database testing.

Apart from above challenges, incorrect approaches like undergoing formal testing and keeping database testing at the end of cycle creates a lot of other challenges. This is the reason the quality suffers in the end.

In these situations, it is essential to have a standard automation strategy in place since it ensures database testing is an integral part of the entire testing cycle of an application which in the end contributes in the success of the application under test.

How Automation Strategy Helps

With an automation strategy, one can be certain about achieving below results:

Data Integrity:
This makes an easy approach for integration of newly updated data so that the latest state of the data is reflected everywhere.

Accuracy of Business Rules:
Databases these days are not meant only to store records. In fact, they support to implement business logics at the DB level. Automation tool can ensure that the implemented business logic is working accurately.

Database Mirroring:
This offers considerable database availability checkup. The principal advantage of these operations is that it checks whether any server instances (e.g. Production, Testing, Staging, etc.) contain identical data.

Automated Database Regression Testing:
Automation tools help in getting the testing team up with the database regression testing requirements in no time, overcoming several challenges they face in manual testing. It ensures the functioning of the applications on a regular basis for the changes made in the database tested.


In the above article, we described the approaches to increase data potentials with automated database testing. However, to get 100% results, it is important to have a right automation testing tool deployed in your testing environment.

TestingWhiz is an automated database testing tool. It lets you automate the complete movements of database – right from populating the database fields, data verification, schema verification, validating and authentic server configuration to generating quick accessible reports/logs. TestingWhiz has various program objects that you can use to check database connection, schema verification, data integrity checkup and other testing actions.

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