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45 Websites Every Software Tester Should Bookmark This Year

January 11, 2017

45 Websites Every Software Tester Should Bookmark This Year

For all the software testers, test automation experts and QA enthusiasts out there, we have compiled a list of 45 websites that you should bookmark this year.

No matter, whether you want to solve a bug, get latest updates, find answers to the interview questions or anything else, this list of 45 websites will cover everything about QA and software testing.

1. http://www.softwaretestinghelp.com
Software Testing Help is a popular website focusing on Software Testing and Quality Assurance topics. With 1 million+ monthly views, the website caters to a wide range of testing professionals who are looking updates related to software testing tutorials, methodologies, manual testing, automation testing, testing tools, interview questions, web testing, testing templates, quality assurance, testing certifications, books, career guidance, job openings, latest testing trends, news, and much more.

2. http://www.softwaretestpro.com
Software Test Professionals (STP) is an online community providing software testing information, insights, and networking opportunities to 50,000 professionals globally. The website offers valuable resources such as white papers, news, articles, conferences, events, focused on the need for software testers to expand their knowledge and keep a check on the latest happening in the software testing industry.

3. http://www.ministryoftesting.com
Ministry of Testing is a platform headed by Rosie Sherry. It propagates the message ‘co-creating smart testers’ with a focus on sharing updates, events and useful insights for the testing community as a whole. The website also lists jobs and news related to software testing while it also features a wide directory, showcasing testing tools, test service providers, test management tools, etc.

4. https://www.utest.com
uTest is a world-wide professional network consisting of 200,000+ testers. It helps them elevate their skills and knowledge with relevant resources, articles, courses and forums to enhance their career in software testing industry. The website also lets you find testing projects, participate in event rate tools and chat with fellow users and peers about tech, career, and trends.

5. http://www.testingexcellence.com
Testing Excellence is dedicated to providing software testing tutorials and testing articles. It also provides users with information about testing tools, conferences, news as well as other software testing resources. You can bookmark this website simply to follow the software testing trends and updates or to get access to common questions for interviews as well as ISTQB examination.

6. https://huddle.eurostarsoftwaretesting.com
This is an online platform that aims to bring test professionals together to discuss, consult and exchange ideas with a variety of events such as the EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference. Bookmark this website to get quality resources from members and a recognized industry thought-leaders through topical, relevant forum conversations; software testing events and local Meetups as well as special interest groups (SIGs) in the promotion of software testing.

7. http://searchsoftwarequality.techtarget.com
TechTarget is an online community for professionals who are interested in building high-quality software or are involved in software testing and quality assurance (QA), application performance management (APM) or related topics. Bookmarking this website will help you get in-depth coverage on ensuring application quality using different development methodologies, like DevOps and Agile development. You can also get access to unlimited white papers and Webcasts related to newest trends, problems, and solutions in software quality.

8. http://www.guru99.com
Guru99 is the most trusted source of knowledge and tutorials for software testing and related topics. The website has a huge list of learning resources and library across topics like test management, performance testing, enterprise testing, mobile testing, security testing and more. Bookmark this website if you are interested in keeping yourself up-to-date with latest learning and training in the software testing domain.

9. https://www.dzone.com
You might want to bookmark Dzone.com if you are looking for technical content related to software testing and QA. With over 1 Million members, Dzone is one of the largest communities, providing latest insights into software testing, test automation, test management, devops, and more. You can also share articles, announcements and contribute as an MVB (Most Valuable Blogger) Program to gain exposure to millions of technology and QA practitioners all over the world.

10. http://www.teatimewithtesters.com
Tea-time with Testers is one of the largest-circulated software testing magazine that provides complete understanding and updates into the software testing world. The website provides regular updates and voice to the software testing professionals to help them continue learning and meet tomorrow’s challenges with valuable insights published by this magazine on a monthly basis.

11. https://www.stickyminds.com
StickyMinds is a popular community engaged in providing latest updates in the software testing space, how-tos, interview questions, Q&A discussions, articles as well as presentation guides spanning a variety of topics. If you wish to get answers to your problem or learn something new about Test Management, Agile, DevOps, Test Automation, Test Process Improvement, Testing Tools or Performance, StickyMinds is the right website to bookmark.

12. http://www.testingmagazine.com
Launched in early 2007, Test Magazine is a bi-monthly magazine website that helps you keep yourself up-to-date with holistic, unbiased and pragmatic updates about software testing. Created especially as a voice for software testing professionals, this magazine is read and followed by over 10,700 across Europe, the US and South Asia for learning about testing tools, latest trends, events in the software testing industry.

13. http://www.professionaltester.com
Professional Tester is a media technology company that provides latest news and updates related to software testing. It also publishes a magazine on a monthly basis to provide entrepreneurs, investors, service providers and other participants with a single-source coverage of software testing companies, events and more.

14. https://blog.testfort.com
This is an official blog of TestFort QA Lab however, it is a useful source of getting opinions, news, reviews as well as tips & tricks in software testing and QA field. This blog provides important learning for QA enthusiasts as per different categories such as functional testing, regression testing, automated testing, manual testing, security testing, unit testing, etc.

15. http://weekendtesting.com
Weekend Testing is a platform to collaborate and unite with testers to contribute and learn in the software testing industry. The website helps testers and test automation experts to share insights, experience, best practices and update with their counterparts across regions such as – America, Australia, and Europe.

16. https://www.techwell.com
TechWell is a great online channel that provides hands-on experience and resources of software testing. The website lets testers, developers and managers explore conferences, training, consulting as well as insights in the software testing space to develop, test and deliver better software while improving QA processes.

17. http://www.womentesters.com
Women Testers is a great website that felicitates women who are a part of software testing industry. The website welcomes all women testers to contribute and share their experience, insights, and updates in software testing as well as engage with fellow women testers to bring out the best in each other. If you are a women tester, you should definitely bookmark this website.

PS: Male testers can also bookmark this website.

18. http://www.softwaretestingclub.com
Bookmark this website to get continuous updates about software testing and engage with a global and professional community for software testers. Started in 2007, Software Testing Club has become a leading platform containing a forum, a comprehensive event listing, a job board, online groups, and community led meetups.

19. http://www.sqa.stackexchange.com
SQA Stack Exchange is one of the communities of Stack Exchange, which is an online platform for testers and programmers to share their knowledge and expand learning. With SQA Stack Exchange, users can engage with software quality control experts, automation engineers, and software testers around the world to post questions related to software testing, find answers and resolve common problems encountered during their software testing endeavor.

20. https://www.tutorialspoint.com
Tutorials Points lists great tutorials, videos, libraries, news and exam material related to software quality assurance. If you wish to find learning materials around agile testing, continuous integration, database testing, ETL testing, mobile testing, security testing and more, this is the website you need to bookmark in 2017.

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21. https://www.github.com
GitHub is a popular community of 19 million people engaged in software development and testing lifecycle. The website helps testers host projects for free and explore libraries, code repositories, and frameworks to utilize in test projects. With GitHub, you can also find jobs in the relevant profiles and learn about the latest happenings through the GitHub blog.

22. http://www.sdtimes.com
SD Times is a popular magazine publishing trending news and updates in the software development and testing space. Launched in February 2000, by Ted Bahr and Alan Zeichick, the website provides readers with trending stories, events, white papers, webinars, etc. to keep them updated with the latest happenings and best practices of software testing and related technology.

23. https://www.devops.com
As the name suggests, the website is dedicated to promoting DevOps philosophy that goes hand-in-hand with test automation practices. The website lists great tools, best practices, blogs, posts and articles that promote DevOps as well as continuous integration, automated deployment, agile developments that reflect in daily test automation and software testing exercise. Bookmark this website to join the booming methodology of DevOps and apply the ideas by thought leaders to make the most of the test automation processes.

24. http://www.geekinterview.com
Geek interview is a great source of interview questions and answers related to software engineering, QA, and related technical skills. You can bookmark this website to post, find and comment any question as well as follow discussion threads to learn about a topic or question in detail. Becoming a regular visitor of this website can help you keep a check on daily updates and latest questions asked for a variety of technologies.

25. http://www.satisfice.com
Satisfice is a website owned by well-known software testing thought leader James Marcus Bach. The website focuses on Rapid Software Testing practices which blend heuristic testing, risk-based testing, and exploratory testing to help testers and QA enterprises with rapid testing and improve their test processes. This website provides teaching and consulting in software testing and quality assurance space to help viewers excel in their testing processes and routine tasks.

26. https://www.joecolantonio.com
As the names suggest, the website is owned by a leading thought leader and influencer in the test automation industry – Joe Colantonio. The website provides Automation Made Awesome How-Tos as well as amazing insights, tips, videos, reviews and articles to make test automation interesting and fun. Test automation experts (experienced as well as naïve) should definitely bookmark this website and keep visiting it to learn and explore new insights on the test automation industry.

27. http://www.thefriendlytester.co.uk
Friendly Tester is a website owned and managed by Richard Bradshaw, who is a famous tester, speaker, and trainer. Through this website, you can follow with his Talks, Workshops as well as Podcasts of software testing. The website also features Whiteboard Testing that shares informative videos about testing from the whiteboard. If you are interested in learning and improving software testing practices, this is the website you need to bookmark.

28. http://www.testinginstitute.com
This website is dedicated to providing international certifications and training in software testing. Professional, as well as novice testers, can bookmark this website to join live webinars as well as courses to enhance their skills, learn best practices and get professional recognitions through certified training programs.

29. http://www.swtestacademy.com
This website is dedicated to providing a comprehensive learning on test automation, performance testing, mobile testing, web service testing, API testing, continuous integration, and similar topics. It is a great source of tutorial articles and guides to help test automation professionals in their day-to-day testing tasks and projects.

30. http://www.seleniumeasy.com
Selenium Easy is a great website that provides a complete tutorial on test automation using Selenium. Test automation experts who are looking for tutorials on Selenium Web Driver, TestNG, JUnit, ANT, Maven, Java (required of Selenium), Jenkins, JMeter, Appium JExcel, Apache POI and JFree Chart can bookmark this website and learn from practical examples and programs.

31. https://www.techbeacon.com
TechBeacon is a popular online platform of HPE Software that acts as a digital hub for tech and development professionals. The website focuses on providing technical insights and thought-leadership majorly in the software testing and test automation space covering topics such as DevOps, Agile, Performance, Mobile & Security. If you want to continuously leverage top quality content to compete and succeed in the software testing industry, this is the website you must bookmark.

32. http://www.logigear.com/magazine
This is a full-stack magazine offered by LogiGear that shares leading-edge editorial updates in the software testing space. It assembles some of the great insights and happenings in the software testing industry via online publications every month. If you wish to get advanced updates, tips, guides and insights into software testing, this is the website you need to bookmark.

33. http://www.qatestingtools.com
QA Testing Tools is a bible to get first-hand reviews and technical information about leading software testing tools. The website lists information about almost every tool that comes under the software testing scope, such as open source testing tools, defect tracking tools, agile management, ALM & test management tool, data generation, GUI testing tools, simulators, reporting tools. It also lists tools for different testing purposes and methods. So, if you are looking for tools specific to any software testing purpose, this is the website you should bookmark.

34. http://www.softwaretestingmentor.com
Software Testing Mentor again is a comprehensive website containing articles, how to’s and tutorials for software testing folks. The website also is a great source of videos and training related to ISTQB, Jira, Selenium, and more along with learning guides for various courses and certification programs.

35. http://www.qualitytesting.info
Quality Testing is a great portal containing jobs, forum, blog, events, news as well as resources for software testing community. It not only provides helpful resources for novice testers, but also for QA professionals and experts. The website also lists sample tests for leading certification exams to help software testing aspirants avail proper guidance and practice to climb up in the ladder of their career.

36. https://www.sqetraining.com
SQE Training is an initiative of Techwell to help enterprises improve their skills, practices, and knowledge in software development and testing. The website offers instructor-led, in-person and virtual classes, along with self-paced courses delivered by industry experts. It also provides software testing certifications such as ISTQB, ICAgile, ScrumMaster and Product Owner Certification.

37. https://www.testingcircus.com
Testing Circus is a leading magazine website that publishes interesting and helpful resources such articles, interview with testing experts and professionals, book reviews and recommendations, testing tools and tutorials, testing tips and tricks, and more. Users can also download previous editions from the website and can also explore job postings, videos, news and more.

38. http://www.testingdiaries.com
This site covers latest updates, articles, and tutorials related to software testing and quality assurance. It lists great resources into manual, automation, performance as well as mobile testing with an intent to help software testers improve their testing knowledge and skills.

39. http://www.softwaretestingnews.co.uk
Software Testing NEWS is a comprehensive portal to find out the hip and happening in the software testing industry. Since the website lists latest news, events, featured stories, videos, surveys, and updates, bookmarking this website becomes quite helpful and interesting for software testers. In addition, the website also provides access to online magazines, groups, conferences and forums to keep you updated with information pertaining to software testing, agile, devops, security, big data, test automation, mobile and more.

40. http://www.seleniummaster.com
Selenium Master is a one-stop platform for learning and accumulating information about Selenium, the open source functional testing tool. The website covers amazing insights for using Selenium, including tutorials, how-to’s, instruction guides related to Selenium Web Driver, Selenium Robot Framework, Selenium Grid, Selenium Performance Testing, etc. along with job listings and interview questions.

41. http://www.softwaretestinggenius.com
This website is an open vault of complete knowledge related to Software Testing & Quality Assurance. It is owned and managed by a Trio of Experts who aim to help young and aspiring as well as experienced software testers excel in software testing. The website contains helpful insights and articles related to QTP, RFT, LoadRunner, Silk Test, along with Flamboyant topics like Website testing, database testing, white box testing, software bugs, etc. The website also contains an Encyclopedia of software testing terms as well as useful checklists and quizzes.

42. http://www.asktester.com
AskTester is an online community of professional testers that aims to bring out the best in software testers by allowing them to freely ask questions, share ideas and opinions and get themselves heard. The community supports open communication with an idea to encourage learning and support for doing better testing.

43. http://www.softwaretestingtools.com
Software Testing Tools is a portal comprising of information on all the tools related to software testing. The website offers comprehensive and relevant information about different tools for test automation, test management, mobile testing, load testing, manual testing, etc. You can also find articles about different testing methods, recommended tools, best practices, as well as news related to software tools and frameworks.

44. http://www.softwaretestingclass.com
Software Testing Class is a website dedicated to providing training materials, tutorials and how-to guides on different testing types and processes. It contains a huge repository of insightful articles and resources spread across categories like software testing methodologies, QA documentation, basics of software testing, automation testing, software testing tools, software testing processes, test cases design and management, testing frameworks, etc.

45. http://www.testingbasicinterviewquestions.blogspot.in
As the name suggests, this is a web blog providing a pool of the basics and advanced interview questions which are generally asked in software testing interview. The questions are posted along with answers and examples to help any novice software tester and QA aspirant nail any software testing interview with ease.

Of course, there are many websites available for software testers to bookmark apart from the ones listed above. If you wish to add more to this list, feel free to add in the comment section below.

We hope these website links help you learn and grow in the software testing profession and deliver better software.


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