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Top 5 Websites to Compare Test Automation Tools

June 28, 2017

Top 5 Websites to Compare Test Automation Tools

You are here, which means you are definitely searching for “test automation tools”.

“90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business.”, directly from an infographic by Khalid Saleh.

Now, let’s say you want to buy a compact car and you want to finalize a few ones to start with their trials. What is the first thing you will do? You will search the various compact cars online and would compare them. The comparison will be based on the features, comforts, reviews, pricing, etc. The car that will meet all your requirements will be the perfect one for you.

Same is the case with our automation testing tools. Selenium brought the automation to the boring and tedious manual testing world. And, then came the codeless automation testing tools.

But, which test automation tool is the best for your enterprise?

To know this, we would need to find out their features, benefits, comparisons with other leading ones, reviews, pricing, etc. And, except for their own website, it is difficult to compare them.

Hence, here is the list of top 5 websites where you can find your shortlisted and well-known automation testing tools with the detailed reviews and recommendations.

1. AlternativeTo

AlternativeTo is one of the best websites to look for your automated software testing tool. Following are the reasons why it is at the number 1:

  • AlternativeTo gives you the alternatives to the tool or application you are searching for.
  • Those alternatives can be judged by the likes, comments and reviews that an application has.
  • It has 59,510 apps available and imagine the numbers of the automation testing tools.

Also, when searched for “selenium” on AlternativeTo and there was a huge list of tools that offers automation testing solutions. It also has filters to be applied like, “commercial, free, open-source, platform-based, etc. Check out a sample below:

AlternativeTo Automated Testing Tools - Selenium

2. Capterra

Another good site for choosing your automation testing tool, is Capterra. I guess most of you know this and I am sure, you have had great experience with that. Following are the reasons why this site is better than the rest:

  • Capterra is well-known for having real reviews for any tool as it ensures that the people that provide the reviews, are the real users of the tools. For this, Capterra asks them to upload the images of the interior of the application that proves that the person giving the review is the real user.
  • By now, it has more than 400 categories of the software listed on it and 2,00,000 ratings and reviews available.
  • It offers search filters based on product ratings, number of users, product deployment and features.
  • Various software owners also use the Capterra badge on their website in order to increase the trust of their website visitors. By clicking its badge, people can go through the software’s profile and find genuine reviews.

Also, look at the exact software test automation category and look for the genuineness of your test automation tool. Following is the snippet from the above link that may differ based on the reviews & ratings:

Capterra Automated Testing Tools

3. uTest

uTest is really a great community of testers that shares and discusses testing in a very deep level. This community also lists various software testing tools not just limited to test automation. Following are the reasons why uTest is a good option to rely on their reviews:

  • The tools are approved and edited by only the moderators available in the testing community
  • Also, the testers available have also shared their review.
  • The chances of genuine reviews are higher here.
  • Filters are available based on the user ratings and search functionality as well.

Here is the link to find out all the tools related to software testing on uTest.

4. Gartner

Gartner does not need any introduction on what it is and how it is. Gartner lists its vendors on its website and allows the users to review the software test automation tools.

  • Most of the people that provides reviews at Gartner are using the software test automation tools on an enterprise level
  • It rates each test automation tool from 1 to 5 and the ratings are based on evaluation & contracting, integration & deployment and product capabilities
  • Great user review filters are available based on ratings, reviewer’s industry, reviewer’s job role, their company size, etc.

To check whether your shortlisted test automation tool is a vendor of Gartner, here is the link and below is its snapshot:

Gartner Software Test Automation Tools

5. G2Crowd

G2Crowd is really a very good website that has many software testing tools listed. Why G2Crowd can be visited to choose the right testing tool? Let’s check out:

  • G2Crowd has authenticated user reviews for the software and services that it has listed
  • It comes with filters based on products, categories, discussions and blog

If you want to have a look at the test automation tools listed on G2Crowd, then here is the link.

Bonus – DZone/SoftwareTestingHelp

Well, I am listing down 2 sites – softwaretestinghelp.com and dzone.com that do not have user reviews and absolute comparisons. But, I would really like to have both these websites in this list because of the following reasons:

  • These websites do not have their own test automation tool. So, there’s no way they are promoting any individual product.
  • These sites accept articles from the users. So, there are increased number of chances to have the exact and detailed information on each of the automation testing tool.

Whenever you will search “automated testing tools” on DZone, you will see a below snippet:

DZone Automated Testing Tools

If you have noticed, with such small term, DZone offers around 41,873 article results that only talk about the automated testing tools.

Now, following are the results by SoftwareTestingHelp:

STH Automated Testing Tools

Each of your queries related to a test automation tool for web or mobile applications, database, regression, etc. will be resolved in a few seconds.

Wrapping Up

Well, now you guys can easily look for your favorite test automation tool and compare them with the others in the industry with these websites.

Did you find any website other than this, to search the automated testing tools? Do share in the comment section below as it will help me and others as well.


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