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Top 5 Reasons to Adopt Cloud Testing for Digital Transformation

September 13, 2019

Top 5 Reasons to Adopt Cloud Testing for Digital Transformation

The world is moving towards everything digital with no signs of slowing down. This pace of the adoption is pushing businesses to accelerate innovation and reach a wider audience with distinct experiences on the platform of consumers’ choice. This is where testing cloud applications are coming at pace and delivering quality outcomes is the only way for business to sustain the hyper-active technology-driven business landscape.

DevOps, Quality assurance and testing strategies are basic components of digital transformation. Let us discuss how cloud testing accelerates digital transformation activities with efficient testing and digital quality assurance strategies.

Cloud computing makes the data accessibility easy, efficient and consistent reducing management efforts by accelerating digital transformation. An organization using cloud testing can ensure high-quality product delivery on time.

In cloud testing, mobile or web applications can leverage cloud computing environment for creating a real-world environment for users. It is also used for its distinct strength areas in digital transformation activities.

Here are key reasons to use cloud testing for digital transformation:

1) Ensures high-quality Product Delivery
Today, organizations need ideas and strategies that are cost-effective to deal with the ongoing challenging competition in the market. QAs are responsible to ensure the efficiency of the applications and bring down the cost for testing. Cloud testing provides team flexibility to access the testing infrastructure and tools from anywhere. Teams can consider cloud testing tools to leverage testing environment as per their needs.

2) Flexible Accessible Resources
The devices and applications can be accessed anytime from anywhere with a smooth internet connection. This opens up the space for immediate updates and variations in the application. There is no need for hardware investment, so this makes development and testing flexible. To make real-time changes and updates, organizations need business agility. Cloud provides a vast range of resources and gives flexibility to build and test scalable applications.

3) Continuous Integration and Development Support
Organizations are adopting Agile and DevOps methodology to ensure that continuous development is followed by continuous testing and integration. Cloud testing supports agile methodology and provides a platform that supports collaboration and test management solutions hosted on the cloud and helps the team to be on the same page. Continuous integration ensures that the newly developed part is processed faster to deliver it on time. The team can test the applications for functionality, security, scalability, and performance as test environment is all time available.

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4) Flexible Infrastructure
When organizations invest in software or hardware infrastructure, they have to follow certain rules and mold their requirements according to the features that the infrastructure can deliver. In cloud-based testing, infrastructure works according to the teams’ requirement. This includes integrating real-time user experiences with the testing needs.

Multiple users are allowed to test multiple aspects at the same instance of time. This allows teams to achieve the highest quality standards with maximum test coverage.

5) Customized Cloud
Agile and DevOps boost the work capacity of QA teams and help them achieve faster and efficient results. Cloud testing provides flexibility to development and testing teams to test the applications according to the requirements of the customers.

Digital Transformation ensures business agility and flexibility. Organizations are adopting methods for better outputs with less turn-around time. Cloud testing helps in achieving these requirements.

If you want to keep up with the speed of the growing market it is advisable to adopt cloud testing in your organizations. TestingWhiz can help you spot the advantages of cloud testing.

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