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Top 5 Benefits of Performing End-to-End Testing

November 18, 2015

End-to-end testing - have you ever come across this term? What is it? How it works or How it can be beneficial?

Well, modern software applications are integrated and interconnected with multiple systems. This makes the entire workflow of the application complicated. In case of failure or error in the systems lying outside of the enterprise environment, it can adversely affect the working of the application with which they are integrated.

In these scenarios, end-to-end testing helps ensure accurate functioning of the application by testing it at all the layers, right from the front-end to all the way through the back-end, its interfaces and final endpoints. Further, performing end-to-end testing via website testing tool, ensures that the web application is tested from the user’s and real world scenarios which helps avoid risks by allowing test engineers to:

  • Check and perform testing of the entire flow of the application
  • Increase test coverage by involving different sub-systems
  • Detect issues and increase overall productivity of the application

Besides these, there are several other benefits of performing end-to-end testing.

Top 5 benefits of end-to-end testing:

1. Ensures Complete Correctness & Health of the Application

In end-to-end testing, the application is tested and validated at all the layers – data layer, business layer, integration layer and presentation layer. This helps ensure complete correctness and health of the application.

2. Increases Confidence in the Application

End-to-end testing also increases the confidence in the functioning and performance of the application before its release as the application is tested across different endpoints for different devices and platforms comprehensively.

3. Reduces Future Risks

In end-to-end testing, the application is tested rigorously after every iteration and sprint. Thus, there are lesser chances of failure and risks in the future.

4. Decreases Repetitive Efforts

As the application is tested thoroughly, there is no looking back. End-to-end testing reduces the chances of frequent breakdowns and ultimately reduces the repetitive testing efforts.

5. Reduces Costs & Time

End-to-end testing via automation testing tool reduces errors recurrence, which means the application doesn’t require undergoing repeated testing. This considerably reduces the testing costs and time and helps achieve better productivity in other significant processes.

End-to-end testing is a must to test and scale the application across a range of different systems, devices, layers, servers, database interactions, APIs and communication. Further, automating end-to-end testing allows you to quickly respond to changing business needs and adds greater agility to the entire testing project.

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