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Top 12 Tools for Web Services Testing

February 29, 2016

Thanks to the rising emergence of applications for social networking, online shopping, banking and many more which have triggered the requirement of web services.

Well, web services or APIs are nothing but connectors that enable applications and servers to communicate with each other for completing a process or transaction. Thus, behind every successful ticket booking or a bank transfer, there are web services and APIS, which combines the information distributed over critical servers, platforms or applications.

A failed web services connection invites wrath among administrators managing the servers as well as clients who perform some transaction by calling the web services. Apparently, it’s necessary to have flawless API connectivity in your applications or you get an earful of complaints. Thus, testing of web services’ performance, response and connectivity become important.

There are several open source and commercial web services testing tools. Of these, here are the top 12 tools for web services testing:

  1. SoapUI
  2. TestingWhiz
  3. SOAPSonar
  4. SOAtest
  5. TestMaker
  6. Postman
  7. vRest
  8. HttpMaster
  9. Runscope
  10. Rapise
  11. WebInject
  12. Storm

So what do these tools really offer?

To know about each of these, read the full article - 12 Great Tools for Web Services Testing published on Techsling.com

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