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Testing Whiz assists French IT Company in Application Testing

February 11, 2012

Application testing is a critical phase in any software product development activity and insufficient knowledge of proper testing methodology and approaches can seriously hamper the quality of the product. This is what a French software application development company realized that in order to ensure quality of product, it was essential to take assistance from a specialized software testing services provider.

Profile of Application to be tested

The application consisted of software development tools on technologies like PowerBuilder, PL/SQL, Transact-SQL, .NET and VB with the central functionality being that of role based access control for application users.

The application adds security features to the other applications integrated with it. It provides user level security with easy access to the applications. It maintains user permissions and its roles to access different systems. It can integrate with various web as well as desktop applications. The application supports various databases such as Oracle and SQL Server 2000.

Challenges Addressed During Testing

TestingWhiz, a software test automation solutions provider, faced several challenges during the initial stages including testing scope being unclear, lack of functional documentation, and significant language barrier between English and French. However, TestingWhiz testers started with face to face meetings with the client’s team to get a better understanding of the application.

Testing Approach and Tools

The test team comprised of one test lead, 2 team leads, 1 senior developer and a tester. A test plan was prepared which listed the test modules and test approaches to be used in the project. Proper test logs were defined to keep track of bugs and test results.

The test team set up the tools for performing functional testing, regression testing, integration and system testing. Fogbugz was used as a bug tracking tool and Selenium for functional test automation.

Benefits to Client

Client has been extremely delighted with TestingWhiz’s services and has been a client since more than 3 years.  “Like many software companies in Europe, we face international competition, lowering our production costs, without degrading the quality of our products. That's why we started our partnership with Testing-WHIZ. We began by relocating tasks devices (but expensive) such as testing and documentation. This also enabled us to transfer our knowledge of functional software Testing-WHIZ. We then have them on developments. Testing-WHIZ's consultants are competent and well-organized. The few identified corrective actions were immediately implemented. The build-up is facilitated by the fact that we bill Testing-WHIZ work on time and assume the costs of inter-contract. We are thus passed from one person part-time, several people full time. Each euro is therefore a concrete result. In the end, Testing-WHIZ has always responded quickly and effectively to all our requests.”

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